Heal Thyself with This Portable Pouch of Natural Remedies

I’ve been eyeing almost everything Saje sells, but to kick things off, I went for their Pocket Pharmacy.
Publish date:
June 8, 2015

I was first introduced to Saje by my mom, who is constantly searching for things in Vancouver that I might like in hopes of convincing me to move back there. Knowing I have a soft spot for anything that could be classified as “modern natural magic,” she told me all about the brand and how it was locally made and filled with supposedly special powers.

When Saje recently came to Toronto, I was super-curious to see what all the mom-hype was about. I visited their shop near my office and tried out their Peppermint Halo headache remedy, interested to see how it stood up to my beloved Province Apothecary roll-on.

To get to the point, it passed the test with flying colours; my headache was fading within minutes of leaving the shop.

You know that delightfully relaxing scent that every yoga studio on the planet seems to have? That’s what Saje’s line smells like. Everything from the store to the packaging is calming and serene, and I really love that they focus on healing and remedies instead of just beauty products. I’ve been eyeing almost everything they sell since my headache trial, but to kick things off, I went for the Pocket Pharmacy, a small pouch containing five remedies that promise to cure what ails you.

Complete with a small guide book that provides instructions for each remedy, this kit automatically makes me feel like a magical witch healer. Here’s what’s inside:

Immune: germ & virus fighting remedy

Like an all-natural Vicks VapoRub, the Immune remedy smells strongly of eucalyptus, pine, cinnamon, and rosemary. I haven’t been sick recently (knock on wood), so I haven’t personally tried this one, but I applied it as directed to a friend, and he reported that it helped with his cough, breathing, and created a cooling sensation that helped with his fever. That said, he still ended up taking Advil, so I would say this is a supporting remedy, not necessarily a total healer.

Eater’s Digest: digestion easing remedy

I don’t personally struggle with digestion issues, and I would say the few times I’ve felt a bit bloated/weird this remedy didn’t really help too much. With lots of fennel oil, peppermint, chamomile, and myrrh, this concoction definitely has a delightful licorice-like scent, but otherwise I haven’t really found it does a lot for me.

But now on to my favourites!

Stress Release: tension reducing remedy

Stress Release has been a total lifesaver for me, especially when tensions get high at work. Rolling this calming blend of lavender oil, orange oil, vetiver, chamomile, and clary sage across my forehead and behind my ears really makes a huge difference when I’m feeling panicked. I highly recommend applying, taking some deep breaths, and sipping on water with a few Bach Rescue Remedy drops in it—with this combo, you can get through almost anything!

Pain Release: analgesic remedy

I’ve been training for the Nike women’s 15k for the past few weeks, and Pain Release has really been helping with all my aches and pains. Infused with lavender, marjoram, cajeput, and peppermint, it’s a calming oil that provides a slight tingle when applied. Much like Tiger Balm, it really gets into those tense spots, and I highly recommend applying it before a massage.

Peppermint Halo: headache remedy

The crown jewel in this cute little pouch! You already knew a rave review was coming down the line for this one, right?

I’ve tried a lot of headache remedies over the years to help with my chronic attacks, and this little vial is by far one of the best solutions that I’ve ever tried. Saje’s best seller, this oil blend is extremely minty, which means it instantly gives a very strong cooling and warming effect wherever you apply it, cutting through headaches within seconds. I seriously may never go anywhere without it again.

  • What's your favorite natural remedy?
  • Do you carry it with you wherever you go?