What If I Told You That You Never Have to Buy a New Toothbrush Again?

You still have to brush your teeth, of course. But a new service sends cool-looking brush heads and toothpaste to you every three months.
Publish date:
June 8, 2015
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I hate having to remember to stock up on things that I need indefinitely. You’re probably familiar with delivery services for cheap razors, but what about other things you use every day? Why can’t everything be delivered, amirite?

Then I discovered Quip.

This subscription-based service sends you a new toothbrush head every three months and even throws in toothpaste if that’s what you’re into. I got to test it out, and because I love you and want you to make informed decisions, here’s the rundown.


It’s insanely convenient.

Every three months a refill of toothpaste and a new brush head are sent to your door. You don’t even have to think about it.

It’s mad cheap.

The fact that Quip offers a gorgeous product for significantly less money than any other brand makes this subscription service a no-brainer. If you haven’t made the jump to an electric toothbrush—or you just need help sticking to replacing your bristles every three months—Quip has got your back.

It’s $25 for the starter kit with a plastic electric brush (this includes the brush, large three-month toothpaste and two-week travel toothpaste) or $40 for a fancy brushed-metal one. Want to stick to a manual brush? It’s only five bucks to start.

Every three months, you’re charged $10 and sent a new brush head and a new tube of toothpaste. You can completely customize what you receive. Want to stick to your favourite toothpaste? Have only a refill brush head sent over every three months for $5. Dropped your brush and need an emergency replacement? Order a new one for $5 with next-day delivery. Pretty sweet, huh?

It’s the gorgeous minimalist toothbrush you always wanted.

It doesn’t take a design degree to know this toothbrush is beautiful. Anyone who appreciates good design will fawn over the sleek lines and minimalist style. The lightweight brush comes with a suction mount, leaving you with more counter space, which was amazing for me, as mine is seriously limited.


It runs on batteries.

Maybe your life is a little more together than mine and you already have a handful of rechargeable batteries and/or chargers on hand. The fact that I need to go out and purchase some is a bit annoying compared to just placing my toothbrush on a stand and having it charge itself. (Who am I kidding? I’ll order some from Amazon.)

Having said that, the sleek design is beautiful and less bulky than the toothbrush I have now, and this whole battery thing would come in handy when going camping where charging via outlet isn’t really an option.

So... how exactly am I supposed to use this thing?

Unlike my regular electric toothbrush, which has oscillating bristles, I wasn’t sure about how to approach brushing my teeth with the Quip brush. Was I supposed to just brush like I would if it weren’t electric? Is that too harsh? The fact that the brush head itself doesn’t move made me a bit unsure of how to approach the whole situation. I chose brushing like normal and hoped for the best.

All in all, I think Quip really has something here. I’m already a huge fan of subscription services (think Dollar Shave Club) and the price really can’t be beat. I do wish the toothbrush didn’t rely on batteries, but who knows? Maybe one day that’ll change. It’s hardly a reason to count it out. It really is a beautifully designed product, and having a new brush (and toothpaste!) delivered to your door really takes the guess work out of whether or not your brush head needs to be replaced.

  • Would you use subscription services like this?
  • Are you as bad at remembering to change your brush head as I am?
  • Do you use a manual toothbrush? Would this convince you to try electric?