Netflix & Chill: The Beauty Routine

Because I'm not above taking memes literally in the name of vanity.
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November 17, 2015
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I’m not totally a meme adaptor unless it becomes ubiquitous enough to form its own vortex of portmanteaus and sub-memes… or unless it actually pertains to my life. Back in my day, we’d refer to the notorious “Netflix and chill” as “Wanna come over and watch a movie?”

Never was this more understood than in the social circuit of college life, when anytime a girl or guy invited someone they were attracted to over to their dorm/suite/apartment to watch a movie, it pretty much meant putting something mindless on a computer screen, sitting on your bed as if it were a sofa, and then waiting about 20 minutes before one person makes a move. This method had about a 90% success rate of boning. The other 10% were people who were too anxiety-stricken to make a move or else chose too engaging of a film to watch.

But now that “Netflix and chill” is the thing of our times, I live with my significant other so asking him to watch a movie with me usually turns into a bout of arguing about what we want to watch (we have vastly different taste in films—rather, he actually has taste in films and I like things that are gratuitous and often terrible), selecting something we probably both feel lukewarm about for the sake of diplomacy, and then being on our laptops simultaneously browsing other things. We’ve been together long enough that hooking up doesn’t really stem from cinematic cues anymore.

That said, I’ll still use “Netflix and chill” in a more literal sense—literally watching something on Netflix and chilling the F out. Alone, together, doesn’t matter! It makes for a real nice evening for folks like me who are staunch homebodies.

But how does one do a not-necessarily-sexy “Netflix and chill” evening? Mine is actually pretty simple.

Candles are a must. Ambiance and sweet-smelling fragrance are pretty much the pillars of the chill portion. I have a generous supply of candles—some fancy, some from Target or bodegas. My favorites for their scents are requisite fancy candle-makers, Diptyque, and other indie brands like Lite+Cycle. I tend to go for candles that are calming and cozy, like lavender, musk, tobacco and leathery scents. Food-scented things make me too hungry, and florals that are too pungent make me think of bathroom sprays. It’s a fine line, really.

Treatments are also a must for ultimate chilling. I don’t mean things like giving yourself a mani-pedi, because those take too much focus and tasking. No activities that could possibly frustrate and annoy. Baths are always a good pick, but I can’t watch Netflix while in the bath… yet. One day when I’m balling out, I’ll make sure to have a television in my master bathroom, which will also have a Jacuzzi tub because, let me tell you, there are far fewer indulgences than watching cartoons in a bubble bath.

Now is the time to do all the multi-masking you can. My favorite long-form DIY facials involve a detox mask followed by a nourishing sheet mask. Today’s face chill is brought to you by Re:P, an all-natural and cruelty free Korean beauty brand that makes really powerful skincare that feel as gentle as feather. I don’t have very sensitive skin, but it is definitely prone to dryness and the occasional breakout, so I tend to go for things that can tackle both.

Re:P’s Bio Fresh Mask smells like chamomile tea and feels like clay with little speckles of herbs in it. Those bits are to help you manually exfoliate as you rinse it off, and the calendula and chamomile are supposed to nix redness and irritation. It’s not the kind of product that promises an immediate glow, but my skin definitely feels calm and nourished afterwards.

Sheet masks are the ones that give you that glow, be it by its greasy-looking residue or eventual skin treatment (initially always “grease,” though). Regardless, I love them. My skin drinks them in to an alarming degree. This one by Leader that asks its user, “What happened last night?” and I guess answers that query with a dosing of ginseng and artemisia extracts to give your radiance back. I mean, if you were indeed wondering about the events of the night prior, make sure everything else is accounted for… but then do a nice skin treatment. Priorities.

Sephora’s Rose Mask smells like a fresh bouquet—not like a cheesy fake rose fragrance. Natural rose extracts serve to brighten and hydrate… and make your face smell like a rose. My Netflix-and-chill partner chose this sheet mask because he’s partial to the smell of roses more than he is concerned with his skin.

But now, the most important part: what to watch on Netflix.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about movies that are entertainment first, mind-trickery next, depressing last. I’ve been on a binge of Hemlock Grove, a sci-fi/fantasy drama featuring vampires, werewolves, Famke Janssen and Alexander Skarsgard’s hot little brother, Bill. It’s a lot of attractive people screwing each other over.

Then there’s Aziz Ansari’s Master of None that I devoured in two nights. I re-watched all of Buffy The Vampire Slayer series sometime last year, and more recently all of the Saw films that were on Netflix streaming. Both made me feel weirdly accomplished. I will never tire of Joan Cusak in Addams Family Values, nor of pretty much every person in Zoolander. All good picks. Human Centipede 3 was just added but I’m not sure if I want to touch that yet.

  • What are your favorite beauty activities to do while Netflixing?
  • Any good recommendations of what to watch?