Natural Products To Keep That Winter Cold In Check

Publish date:
February 10, 2015
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Despite a plethora of meds, lots of fluids, and an abundance of sleep, I can’t seem to kick my runny nose and constant sneezing. And though I’ve resigned myself to my annual three-month cold--that’s right, I’ve been blowing my nose since November--I’ve finally discovered a few products that make me feel like myself again. Even better? They're all made by the organic line Fig+Yarrow.

Will these products cure your winter cold? Sure won't. But they will work wonders on your state of mind.

Mustard Soak

I've got to be honest here: When I first heard the phrase “mustard soak” I wanted to run for the hills. Upon opening my trial packet and getting a whiff of its deliciousness, however, I started to come around. It had a salty, aromatic blend of essential oils. I dumped about half of the packet into the tub and hopped in. I’m happy to report that a mustard bath is simply divine for all your sore, aching muscles. I felt instantly relaxed, and after about half an hour, my body was straight up soothed. The mustard is said to detoxify and promote circulation, while essential oils are believed to help discourage pathogens from wreaking havoc.

Winter Herbal Steam

For years I was an avid user of the Neti Pot, despite some very scary warnings from the medical community concerning its safety. Now, however, I have a much safer and more relaxing option: Fig+Yarrow’s Herbal Steams. The winter blend is especially well-equipped for battling respiratory issues, thanks to its spicy mixture of ingredients like ginger and eucalyptus. Plus, there’s something so meditative about lowering your towel-draped head over a steaming bowl of herbs and zoning out. Oh, and your pores? They’ll thank you, too.

Juniper and Sage Atmosphere Mist

Basking in your weird-smelling, tissue-strewn bedroom is only going to make you feel worse. Toss the tissues and pick up this oh-so-refreshing room spray. Seriously, spray it on bed linens, rugs, curtains, and in the air. Evocative of a forest, this balsamic blend will purify the air and settle your nerves until you’ve got a much more positive place to really focus on getting well.

All right, fellow sickies. It’s your turn.

  • Have any unexpected tips or products for kicking a cold?
  • Would you ever bathe in a “mustard soak?”
  • Which leads me to: What’s the weirdest-sounding product you’ve ever tried?