How To Look Fresh After A Sweaty Workout

OR: how my trainer manages to look perfect even when sweating and screaming at me.

Beauty writer or not, I’m a total wreck when I workout. On the rare occasion that I do bother to wear makeup, my eyeliner smudges and runs, and my hair gets dry, frizzy, and oily all at the same time.

Recently I’ve been working out more than usual. I’m going through some really big, scary life changes (more on that later), and sweating is the only thing that makes me feel sane and even a little bit in control. So I look forward to my weekly classes with Eva Redpath, a Nike Master Trainer who offers incredible high-intensity interval training, as well as all sorts of other workouts and personal training for women all over Canada.

On top of her incredible energy, loud, bubbly voice (you’ve never heard anything quite like it), and flawless outfits, Eva has serious workout beauty game. No matter how many burpees, lunges, and mountain climbers she does, her bangs are straight and slick, her eyeliner is smudge-free, and her skin has a milky glow. I'm not SO concerned with how I look during a workout, but definitely wanted to know Eva's secrets for leaving the gym without looking like a wrung out wet rag.

How do you freshen up and get ready for a night out after a workout? After showering and blow-drying my fringe and hair, I make sure to use a high quality face wash and toner so my skin’s glow lasts through the evening festivities. Most importantly, I make a conscious effort to rehydrate my body immediately following my workout session to keep my body and skin happy. Oh, and lastly, I always keep my nails manicured and painted. Since I sweat for a living, demonstrate with my hands, and regularly teach in studio wraps, I always have them done to pull my look together.

What goes in your gym makeup bag? When I have a busy day lined up, I pack my makeup kit with products to keep me fresh-faced and frizz-free--and items that are quick and easy to apply. I always pack my travel size blow-dryer and mini straightener for quick hair fixes. Key makeup items that I use to transform my look include MAC False Lashes Mascara, MAC Boot Black Liquid Liner, and their Cream Color Base Blush in Hush and Cremesheen Gloss in Partial to Pink.

Do you have a favorite post-workout hairstyle? Braids are making a huge comeback, and I love how they can keep you looking polished from the beginning of a workout until the last minute. When I put my hair in a braid ponytail it keeps my hair off my neck when things heat up in the gym and prevents my hair from frizzing up. I’ve also been known to default to a cute baseball cap.

What are some of your favorite post-workout beauty products? I love using makeup removing towelettes to clean my pores and tone my skin. While my pores are open from sweating after a workout, I like to apply lighter makeup if I’m on the go--such as tinted moisturizer and lighter powders--to avoid caking on concealer while still achieving the even skin tone all ladies desire.

How do you freshen up after a hard workout? Do you go bare like me, or layer on the waterproof products? Secrets, please!