The Products that Made Me Fall in Love with 4 Cruelty-Free, Natural Beauty Brands

I recently discovered a few conscientious beauty brands that really blew me away with their high-quality, luxurious products.

I don't usually buy into the "all-natural is always good and CHEMICALS ARE BAD" narrative because I feel it's oversimplified and can be misleading.

However, I will say that I appreciate it when a beauty brand makes an effort to use high-quality ingredients and be totally transparent about those ingredients. If that same thoughtfulness extends to the product's formulation, packaging, and performance, that brand can consider me a loyal follower for life.

Also, I know that cruelty-free beauty products are important to many of our readers. In my line of work, sadly, it's not always possible to limit myself to cruelty-free brands only — but I can share the cruelty-free brands that I love with you.

I've recently discovered four all-natural, cruelty-free beauty brands that really blew me away with their high-quality, luxurious products.

Plant Skincare Soothing Chamomile Face Cream

Plant Skincare is an Australian brand that clearly puts a lot of thought and time into everything they create, from their eco-friendly packaging and gorgeous website to their products' ingredients. All of Plant Skincare's products are made fresh to your order, using only natural, food-grade ingredients (yep, they claim they're actually edible, although I don't think you'd want to try it).

They make face cream, night cream, eye cream, body mousse, and a facial cleansing bar. I've tried their Coffee & Orange Firming Night Cream and Soothing Chamomile Face Cream. Both are great, but I gave the night cream to my mom because I'm not really in need of much firming yet, so it would have been selfish to keep it for myself.

The Soothing Chamomile Face Cream, on the other hand, is perfect for me. Formulated with just 11 ingredients, it contains olive oil, avocado oil, chamomile, vitamin E, and several other natural oils. I like to keep it in the fridge to prolong its freshness and make it feel even more soothing on my rosacea-prone skin. I use it whenever my face gets red and irritated, and it helps calm my skin down a lot. Things can get a little messy when opening and closing the tin, but that's my only complaint.

Ellovi Butters

Ellovi makes their body butters and lip butters in California using just six natural, vegan ingredients. This is another brand that promises their products are so pure you can eat them. There are no preservatives or parabens or even water, which means their products are extremely concentrated.

Their body butter costs $26 and comes in four varieties: original, vanilla, mint chocolate, and blossom. The lip butters are $5 each and available in original, vanilla, tinted, mint chocolate, and blossom (or a variety pack for $18). I tried the Mint Chocolate Butter and the Tinted Lip Butter.

The Mint Chocolate Butter comes in a glass 3.5-oz jar and contains mango, coconut, shea, cocoa, peppermint, and corn starch. It actually has a natural sunscreen of SPF 5-10 (I wouldn't rely on that, but it's nice to know). It's incredibly hydrating and, yes, smells exactly like an Andes candy.

The Tinted Lip Butter is made of sunflower, macadamia, coconut, shea, alkanet root (for color), and African marula. It makes my winter-ravaged lips feel 100% better. I do wish it was more tinted because I don't notice much of a difference in my lip color, but your mileage may vary.

My Mane Care Hydrating Hair Mask

My Mane Care makes one product: their Hydrating Hair Mask (although they also offer gift sets that contain a hair brush, hair elastics, and a pillowcase). This hair mask is made of just eight ingredients, all of them natural oils such as coconut oil and avocado oil.

My bleached hair has desperately needed something like this, especially now that my jar of coconut oil has frozen into a brick. I love how easy it is to use the squeeze pouch, and you get at least three treatments out of one pouch (I'll probably get more than that since my hair is so short). I noticed a difference in shine and softness after one treatment.

Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick

Alima Pure makes a lot of beautiful, natural makeup, but I am particularly obsessed with their Velvet Lipstick. They're made with natural ingredients (such as castor oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax and cocoa butter), devoid of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrance, and are not tested on animals.

Best of all, though, they're gorgeous. Alima offers eight shades, mostly in the range of reds/pinks. I have Stella, a classic red, and Louise, which is (on my skin tone at least) a warm, pinky nude.

All of the shades have a semi-matte finish and are incredibly moisturizing, thanks to all the natural oils. Despite their creaminess, the staying power is also really impressive; I applied Stella this morning, had lunch and a snack, and hours later it's still nearly perfect.

The packaging is simple but sturdy, and my favorite part is that each tube is refillable (you can save $6 by purchasing a refill for an empty tube). Genius! All lipsticks should have refillable tubes.

  • Are you into natural beauty products?
  • Which cruelty-free and vegan brands do you love?
  • Have you tried any of the above brands?