The Little Electronic Doohickey That Gives You Better Posture

I'm sitting so tall as I write this.
Publish date:
February 5, 2016
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This week, I got something in the mail that I'm pretty sure is going to change my life for the better. Perhaps that's the melodramatics in me talking, but health and wellness is concerned here, so I like to think I'm speaking truths.

It's a device called Lumo Lift, and it's kind of like a FitBit or fitness tracker in that it connects to your smartphone to keep you updated on your progress. FitBit monitors a lot — everything from your steps to your incline to your sleeping schedule. It does not, however, monitor your posture, which is what Lumo Lift does in addition to serving as a pedometer.

So the device is pretty straightforward: it works by sensing when you're slouched. You stand or sit upright and then double click the device to set it.

If it senses you're in a slouching position for more than two minutes, it gently buzzes. You can set the slouch notification to whatever amount of time you want, but the device recommends two minutes, so that's what I've been doing.

Some initial impressions:

  • I usually get frustrated setting up new electronics, but this was pretty painless. The instruction manual instructs you to download the app, and then the app takes over from there. I was set up within minutes.
  • I was worried that people would be able to hear me buzzing. After a double date in which we were leaned over a shallow table and I was buzzing practically every two minutes, I learned that people can hear the device buzz. The good news is that it's probably only audible by those in very close proximity, and that it sounds like a phone. The better news is that you can disengage the buzz when necessary. It still monitors your slouching when you do this.
  • I have become hyper-aware of my posture. Yes, I've found myself frustrated sometimes when the device keeps buzzing, but that's ultimately a good thing because it's teaching me that even when I think I'm doing well, my posture is still not quite there yet.

Though I've learned that my posture can use some serious work, I've also learned that my posture isn't terrible. In fact, on my second day of wearing the device, I was able to make the default goal of four good posture hours early in the day.

So, let's discuss aesthetics. The device is intended to be worn on your bra strap if that's a possibility for you. That keeps it out of sight. You can also wear it on your shirt or dress, if you prefer. Above I'm wearing one of their glitzy Swarovski buttons, but the buttons are interchangeable.

I'm pretty hooked already and eager to see if my posture corrects itself over time. I'm also glad to have a pedometer again (ran my FitBit through the wash forever ago), and have found it's keeping me on my feet more.

  • Would you try this gadget?
  • Do you have a fitness tracker and if so, what kind? Do you like it?
  • How would you describe your posture?