I'm Unboxing Love Goodly, the Subscription Box for Tree Huggers

It's curated to contain eco-friendly, cruelty-free, all-natural products.
Publish date:
February 26, 2016
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It's been a while since I covered a subscription box, but I recently discovered a relatively new one called Love Goodly and wanted to do a good old fashioned unboxing.

Also — and this is very important — the whole time I was checking out the contents I was singing My Fair Lady's "Wouldn't it be Loverly," (accent included) so maybe consider playing the song while you read?

Before we commence, a few details:

  • Love Goodly is a lifestyle box that's specifically curated to include all natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products.
  • Each box contains five to seven items. These are usually full-sized and feature smaller brands.
  • It's released bimonthly and costs $39.95 including shipping to the U.S. They're typically valued at around $85.
  • They donate 5% to a specific cause (varies box to box).

The Feb/March Love Goodly Box:

I always appreciate when these sheets are included. It makes it easy to shop for the product later, should you want to repurchase, and gives you quick insight into the brand and the product itself.

LVX x Love Goodly True LOVE Red Nail Polish, $18

This nail polish is made by LVX and is an exclusive collaboration between the brand and Love Goodly. As you'd expect, the polish is 7-free, vegan and cruelty-free. The color really is a timeless red, the finish is super-shiny, and it wears very nicely.

Purely Elizabeth Apple Current Muesli, $6

I'm a fan of muesli, so I was excited to see this in the box. It's a pretty healthy mixture, and I like that there are apples and currants mixed with the oats, quinoa, chia, and hemp. I would have preferred less oats and more grains, but I tend to prefer a crunchy muesli in the first place.

May Young Infinity Bracelet, $40

This is a really sleek and simple bracelet made by May Young, and it's another exclusive for Love Goodly. I was surprised to see the $4o price tag on this, but it's fair-trade and contains sterling silver beads and a charm. The charm symbolizes "the eternity of life, love and nature."

Cellar Door Tahitian Grapefruit Vanilla Candle, $10

This is yet another exclusive for Love Goodly, and was made in collaboration with them and Cellar Door. It's a fruity-meets-vanilla candle housed in a travel tin.

This might be my favorite thing in the box, but I'm a candle hoarder so that should come as no surprise.

Skinny Skinny Basil & Mint Soap, $12

When I opened my Love Goodly box, something smelled absolutely heavenly. I soon discovered the scent was this soap made by Skinnyskinny.

It's one of those soaps that smells so good you can't bear to unwrap it (let alone use it). The scent is minty and earthy with a slight hint of licorice. I can't tell you how it lathers because I've just got it perched on my bedroom dresser.

Total Value: $86

It's obvious that Love Goodly spends a lot of time curating their boxes and that they try to cover all the different lifestyle areas: home, bath/body, beauty, style, food. I think that some of the product price points aren't quite worth what they're listed as, but the box is still worth more than the $40.

It would make an ideal gift to someone who really appreciates discovering new brands, and even better if said person is a proponent of the earth-and-animal-loving community.

  • Would you buy this box for yourself? What about for someone else?
  • Are there any boxes you'd like to see a review of here at xoVain?
  • What do you look for in a subscription box?