Using the KonMari Method for Beauty Products, Plus COTW!

I'm pretty sure ALL of my lipsticks bring me joy.
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June 13, 2015
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I finally bought The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on the one condition that I promised myself not to write anything about it. I feel like everyone and their mother has written their reaction to this book, and although I really enjoyed reading all of them, I didn't want to jump in late on a topic that's already been beaten to death.

That said, I'm making an exception this week because my original topic for COTW had to be trashed. (Ever have one of those days when every makeup look you try comes out wrong and you can't seem to take a decent selfie to save your life? I'm going to blame it on the adjustment period for my new haircut and try again next week.)

If you haven't read this book already, I really do recommend it. Even if you're not excited by the subject of tidying like I am, it's still an unexpectedly inspirational book.

My point, however, is that Kondo recommends immediately discarding anything in your home that, when picked up and held in one's hands, does not "spark joy." I haven't tried the KonMari Method yet but I plan to when I have a quiet weekend. I'll be interested to see how it goes with my beauty products.

Obviously, I always recommend tossing anything that's expired or doesn't work for you, but there's lots of products I keep around for reasons that have nothing to do with joy. If I follow her method faithfully, I'll probably wind up with less than a quarter of the beauty products I started with!

Wish me luck, friends! Now it's time for your winning Comments of the Week:

1. Did you read about Brittany Snow's waxing mishap? I have to say I'm with "ModernGrace" on this one:

If I went to get waxed and the person tried to wax my entire face I would tell him/her that they've lost their damn mind. lol

2. If you're looking for an anti-sweating solution, "ThePearlyShadow" has an interesting suggestion:

You can also go to a pharmacy and ask them for aluminium chloride (10% to 20% depending on how sensitive your skin is), they'll put it in a bottle and you'll apply it using a cotton pad, once a week or so. I'm sure that would be much less expensive - I used to pay about 7€ (8$) per bottle which lasted me several months.

3. If you want wavy "rich girl hair" but you have naturally curly/kinky hair, try these tips from "Edith Spencer":

For Rich Girls With Kinky Hair: 1) Wash and condition your hair, and add your favorite prep products. I am loving a combo of Living Proof Perfect Hair day and No Frizz styling cream. 2) Blow dry your hair, using a wide comb attachment or the tension method until about 70% dry. 3) Part your hair into no more than 6 parts, then do large twists or loose braids. Pin into a bun and then dry the rest of the way. 4) Let your hair cool. Then loosen the buns and finger comb the waves into place. You can wear this for about 5 days or so, by pinning up at night and sleeping with satin bonnet.

4. "Selena" has a great propolis product recommendation:

Speaking of propolis Savannah Bee Company's Body butter contains both propolis and royal jelly and is the best thing ever for dry skin! It is emollient rich and keeps my skin feeling more moisturized than anything I've used before. Getchu some girls!

  • Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? What did you think?
  • Would you try the KonMari Method with your beauty products?
  • How many of the beauty products that you own can you truthfully say spark joy? As for the rest, do you think it's OK to keep utilitarian products around even if they don't make you happy? (I'm pretty sure my toothbrush doesn't spark joy but I don't think Marie Kondo wants me to toss that.)