Is Quickie Teeth Whitening The New Blowout?

The convenience and fast service makes me wonder why these aren’t popping up all over the place.

I don’t know about you all, but I haven’t had my teeth professionally cleaned or whitened since I got kicked off my family’s insurance when I graduated college two years ago, because homegirl wasn’t willing to spend her rent money on her pearly whites. Sounds bad, but it’s hard out here for a pimp. Especially when living in one of the most expensive cities in the US. So when I was offered the chance to visit Lavaan Dental Spa, located in NYC’s Greenwich Village, they did not have to pull me by the teeth (sorry, I had to) to head down to their office.

Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport and Dr. Michelle Katz opened Lavaan Dental Spa back in 2012. What makes this place different than your typical dentist’s office is that it specializes in teeth cleaning, whitening, and Invisalign only. No fillings, root canals, or pulling teeth. None of that. Think of it like a blowout bar, but for your mouth. That sounds weird, but you get it. They only do a few specific things.

Treatments on the menu are The Clean, a 30-minute basic cleaning ($89);The Express, a 30-minute whitening ($295); The White, a 60-minute whitening ($395); The Ultimate, a 90-minute cleaning and whitening ($450); and complimentary Invisalign consultations.

I know those prices might look steep, but unless you have insurance, a basic dental cleaning can cost at least $50 (you could easily find a Groupon), and laser teeth whitening can run in the thousands. Yes, thousands.

I tried The Express, and Dr. Rappaport, who refers to himself as Jeff, greeted me upon my arrival and explained the whitening process in detail: A hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied on your teeth and blasted with a lightening device (you have to wear goggles). They break it into two 15-minute sessions to give your mouth and teeth a rest. Jeff warned me beforehand that the whitening gel could cause me to experience tooth sensitivity during and after the whitening, but I was fine the entire time.

He also told me not to eat or drink anything that could potentially stain my teeth for the next 48 hours, which was hard to do since I attended a BBQ that evening. But, I only had grilled veggies without any sauce. I promise!

Once my cleaning was done, Jeff compared my teeth before and after treatment and my teeth, color wise, had gone from a 4 to about a 1--they measure it using a shade guide, which ranges from 18 to 1 (you don’t want to be 18--that’s basically teeth permanently covered in coffee, chocolate, and all other brown-ish things). Not bad for a playa who hasn’t had her teeth cleaned in two years.

I’ll definitely be returning later in the year to keep my choppers on superstar status. The convenience and fast, but quality, service at Lavaan makes me wonder why these dental spas aren’t popping up all over the place.

Do you think dental spas could be a new beauty trend? Would you visit if one popped up in your hometown?