8 Ways To Start Your Day On A Positive Note

Something as small as a funny YouTube clip can change your whole day.
Publish date:
August 12, 2014
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Imagine starting every day with good vibes and a smile. Sounds a tad far-fetched in today's world, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I started searching for methods to keep me optimistic during some tough times.

I went through everything from a break-up to quitting a job I was miserable at to finally finding the courage to start my own company--all in the course of a couple of months. Despite the sadness, and the fear of the unknown, I knew that I had to pick myself up.

After adopting a few new daily rituals, I felt calmer, more grateful and grounded, and most importantly, happier.

1. Pinterest. It’s incredible how reading positive words or inspiring quotes can alter your mood so quickly! I pin when I get nervous before a big meeting or when I feel bummed out.

2. Move Your Body (Or Just Give It A Stretch). Everyone knows that exercising releases endorphins and promotes a positive mindset, but starting your day at the gym is easier said than done. I like to at least get a few good stretches in.

3. Pay Someone A Compliment. Whether you're on the giving or receiving end, a few kind words can change your entire day.

4. Eat Something That Makes You Feel Healthy. Taking the time to make yourself a smoothie or healthy breakfast is important for your health, but it also makes you feel good about yourself and the day ahead.

5. Get Outside. You may not have time every morning, but when you can, go for a stroll first thing. It'll boost your energy and give you the mental clarity to really think about the things that matter.

6. Play With Your Dog. Spending time with my pug, Elmo, always gets my mind right.

7. YouTube. Laughter is the best medicine. YouTube-ing funny clips can work magic. I love watching Ellen snippets.

8. Sexy Time. Whether you have a partner or not, some sexy time in the a.m. is, as Marvin Gaye says, "healing."