This Bottle Is Conspiring with Your Phone to Get You to Drink More Water

Jotting things down with a pen is so yesterday.
Publish date:
July 8, 2016
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In case you needed any more proof that we're most definitely living in the future, I present to you a digital water bottle that literally tracks how much water you consume.

The water bottle, called Hidrate Spark, contains a sensor that connects to your smartphone and monitors how much water you drink every minute of every day. You can set water consumption goals for the day and refer to previous days to see how much you've consumed in the past.

I mean, short of scribbling in an actual, tangible log, how in the world would you ever be able to monitor your water consumption with such precision over time?

The bottle comes in six different colors (I have the teal one) and syncs via Bluetooth with iOS and Android devices. It costs $55 for the bottle, and the app is free.

PRO TIP: If you want to check out how the app works without buying the bottle, you can manually log how many ounces of water you consume. The bottle takes away the hassle of going into the app, and is more precise, but I do recommend getting a feel for the app before buying the bottle.

To manually log your water intake, you select the water-glass icon on the bottom right. The other icons provide access to your consumption history, as well as your device information. The primary screen shows how much water you've consumed so far in a given day and breaks it down into the percentage of your goal reached and how many bottles you have yet to drink to meet your goal. Once you meet your goal, it will notify you.

Above, you can see what the drinking spout looks like. I thought it seemed a little bulky and cumbersome at first glance, but it's actually pretty comfortable. The bottle has a soft feel to it, as well, with a slightly tapered middle that makes it easier to hold.

When you push the button, the lid pops up, allowing you to drink the water with one hand. That's more of a luxury than anything, but it comes in handy when you're working out or hiking.

OK, so the wackadoo thing above is the water sensor. This part will literally start glowing throughout the day to help remind you to drink up.

Another perk of the sensor is that if you misplace your bottle, say at the gym or on a hike, it can track it for you and tell you the location.

So, aside from the cool factor, you may be asking yourself why you even need to track your water consumption in the first place. The answer is simple: you're probably not drinking enough. Personally, I feel like I drink a figurative ton of water throughout the day, perhaps even more than most, but I learned that I still wasn't getting enough. In fact, I wasn't even drinking as much as I'd guesstimated.

Getting the adequate amount of water is important to your health, can help with your skin, and simply makes you feel better. So yeah, making sure you get enough is pretty darn important.

  • Do you track your water intake?
  • Would you ever try a device like this?
  • Can you feel a difference when you're getting enough water versus when you're not?