My Love for Clove Knows No Season

Clove products are big in fall, but these four are great year round.

Some people claim that clove is a great autumn-and-winter scent, but I claim that some people are crazy. Cloves are a beautiful thing to have in your life all year round. And shoot, guys, we use cinnamon for everything--aren’t you tired of it yet? How did cinnamon become the emperor of spices while cloves got relegated to being an October-through-December spice?

Not only do they taste and smell like fresh heaven, they’re anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, and full of antioxidants. They’ve been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In other words, they’re practically magic, and yet so, so underestimated. Here are four clove products that you should get in your life STAT.

Clove Bud Oil For Toothaches and Sore Muscles

Got a toothache? I’ve got your answer. I am bad, bad, bad at taking care of my dental health, and since until recently I was going without insurance I’ve had more than a handful of occasions in the last year when I had searing, worst-ever pain in my mouth. Clove bud oil will take care of it right quick. It’s spicy and it stings, but it’ll get that toothache gone. Bonus use: it’s great for sore muscles. Mix a few drops into some massage oil and soothe your aching calves.

Clove Citrus Oil As A Hair Treatment

Why am I telling you to get beard oil? Because I’m a huge supporter of natural hair care, and oiling your hair both scents it and (more importantly) conditions it. Chemical conditioners begone! You already know that the mixture of clove and orange smells amazing; add in grapefruit and tangerine and you’re basically just going to be sitting around sniffing your own hair all day. Another bonus: if you’ve got a boyfriend with a voluptuous beard, you can share and have even more heaven into which to nuzzle your nose.

Supplements Containing Clove For Better Digestion

Gaia Herbs' Para-Shield digestive supplement includes clove for its analgesic properties in the digestive system, along with nausea-soothing ginger and black walnut to foster the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. And more! For someone with occasional IBS (*raises hand*) this is a godsend. It’s a little bit pricey for a two-month supply, but definitely better than not being able to digest food every time you’re stressed out.

Clove-Mint Soap For A Hot-Cool Sensation

This, friends, is precisely why clove scent is not an autumn-through-winter-only scent. The hot scent of cloves combined with the cool scent of mint is maybe the best thing I’ve ever had near my nose in my life. Wanna smell refreshing and clean without smelling artificial? Seriously, get this soap. Big bonus: Whole Foods carries this brand throughout the country.