A Cheap And Effective Way To Relieve Toe Pain

I can't afford YogaToes so I've been sleeping in manicure toe separators.
Publish date:
March 30, 2015
bunion, foot pain, toe pain, yoga toes

Sometimes a little breathing room is necessary in a healthy relationship. I also happen to think this rule of thumb applies to toes.

When I was a young, starry-eyed little lass, I thought the bone protruding from my right foot was a latent genetic gift, kind of like how some people grow up with stick-straight hair and then, seemingly all of a sudden, develop curls. So I imagined this new bone was a brilliant super power and greeted it as such--until I learned it was merely a baby bunion. Ugh.

Soon the baby bunion grew up and the toes on my right foot began to cramp (badly). Like five people in a tiny studio apartment, my toes were living on top of one another. It was not a healthy arrangement.

So when I found out about YogaToes--silicone toe separators that renew your feet while you rest--it all made sense. I needed toe spacers. Retainers for my tootsies. Spread them out. Relieve the tension.

Unfortunately, $40 YogaToes weren't in my budget, and instead I started wearing manicure toe separators to bed--like makeshift headgear for my feet.

I won't sugar coat it: wearing them was uncomfortable. Teaching the muscles in your feet to learn a new position isn't easy, but it was worth it in the end. My toes now have breathing room and live so much easier. They no longer crumple on top of each other, the pain has subsided, and, in general, my toes are loving life.

  • Have you ever tried this hack? How about actual YogaToes?
  • How do you treat your feet when they're yelping in pain?