The Guided Meditation App That Soothes My Busy Brain

You deserve a 10-minute break, OK?
Publish date:
February 16, 2015
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As 2015 began, I had a lot on my mind. Personal troubles, financial setbacks, and health issues were bringing me down and I was discovering new levels of stress.

As someone who deals with her fair share of brain issues, I try to take my mental health seriously, but it’s easy to get caught up in the messiness of life and let my brain waves get all jumbled up in the process. I knew I needed to be proactive about resetting my brain and bringing myself a little bit more inner peace.

That’s when I discovered my new favorite app: Headspace.

I’m familiar with the practice of guided meditation, but never really got into it. “My brain is too wacky!” is my go-to defense against well-intentioned friends and counselors who have suggested I give it a go. The thing is, it’s those of us with the wackiest brains that can benefit the most from some good ol' fashioned meditation.

For the unbeatable price of FREE, Headspace offers a 10-day course in basic guided meditation that even the most scatter-brained among us can handle.

For 10 minutes each day, Andy Puddicombe and his smooth, British voice will soothe your weary mind.

Every few days you’ll get to watch a very cute, non-cheesy animated short highlighting a few principles of meditation. (After 10 days, a subscription to Headspace’s meditation services is available starting at $7.99/month.)

I appreciate the app for its straightforwardness: there are no ocean sounds or talk of mystical powers. I love a good New Age theory as much as the next Future Weird Aunt of America, but this app is universal enough to work for anyone, regardless of faith or religious dogma.

Headspace focuses on the basic practice of guided meditation, which is known to have myriad benefits. Those who practice meditation and mindfulness are shown to have better stress management skills, improved working memory, the ability to sustain attention, and are more likely to behave compassionately towards others.

The app guides you through a simple, serene meditation. Contrary to what I used to believe, you don’t need to sit cross-legged on a yoga mat to meditate. (But you can!)

You can meditate nearly anywhere you can find a still, quiet place. Andy will guide you through some basic breathing, body awareness, and counting methods.

Meditation quiets my mind, which allows me to become more mindful of things that truly matter. When you give your brain a break, it can reset a bit and make life more manageable.

After 10 days of this program, I’m a full-on believer in the good word of meditation. For a static-brained worrywart like myself, Headspace is a life saver.

  • Are you a believer in guided meditation?
  • What do you do to focus or calm your busy brain?