New Whitening Toothpaste Delivers Results In 3 Days

Whiter teeth in just three days? Totally possible.
Publish date:
February 23, 2015
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I am self-conscious about my teeth. Three of my younger siblings have had braces and now have perfect teeth, but mine were pretty much left to their own devices. They're not awful, but a few are noticeably crooked and several are chipped, thanks to a constant barrage of babies, dogs, and every glass, cup, and coffee mug I've ever used hitting me in the mouth (that last one is my own fault).

My teeth are also kind of yellow. I love wearing red and dark purple lipstick, but I also love drinking coffee and wine--not a good combination.

Last week I tried out Colgate Optic White Platinum Express White Toothpaste (available this month), which contains hydrogen peroxide and promises to whiten teeth in three days.

Obviously I had to put this to the test.

I tried the Express White toothpaste for three days, but not before snapping a before picture of my teeth.

This is what my teeth look like after brushing with my regular toothpaste and doing a hydrogen peroxide rinse.

For three days, I consumed the same amount of coffee and wine as usual (no, I'm not telling you how much that is exactly) and brushed twice daily like I always do.

Here's how my teeth looked after three days of using Colgate Express White toothpaste.

Obviously, I didn't expect my teeth to be blinding white after three days (nor do I ever want them to be). However, I was happy to see a lot less yellow on my teeth and a more uniform shade of white all over. Friends and family remarked that my teeth looked whiter. If that's what this toothpaste does in three days, I'm excited to see how my teeth look after using the whole tube.

I also like that it's a safer alternative for teeth whitening than daily use of straight-up hydrogen peroxide, which can damage enamel over time. This toothpaste actually protects your enamel. I have sensitive teeth but didn't experience any pain.

Best of all, I now feel a lot more confident about smiling with my darkest lipstick on.

  • How do you feel about your teeth?
  • Which whitening toothpastes have you tried and what where your results?