Results! We Drank 30 Gallons Of Water In 30 Days

My roommate and I chugged the elixir of life like never before and photographed ourselves throughout the process.
Publish date:
April 7, 2015
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I hate click-bait, but sometimes exaggerated ad copy can lead to good information, or at least interesting before and after photos. Such was the case with this article that I couldn't resist clicking.

The headline: Woman Drinks Gallon Of Water Every Day For Four Weeks And The Final Picture Results Are Shocking. The results: truly shocking, enough so that I wondered if passing my 28th earthstrong as a well hydrated grown-up would provide similar beauty benefits. Wondering turned to action as my loyal friend and photographer, Darnell, agreed to do this "challenge" with me.

We drank 30 gallons of water in 30 days, taking one pic per week (sans makeup) to document the results.

Here's how I felt and what I observed during and after the 30 day challenge.

At first it was really hard to adjust to drinking this much water, so I got a system going with recyclable VOSS water bottles (they're made of glass). Rotating three bottles, I filled and drank 10 of those babies every day. After the first two days it was like second nature. I only slipped one day (drinking six bottles instead of 10) out of the whole month. During week two I noticed superhuman elasticity in my face. I don’t know if photos do it justice, but my skin just felt so plump!

Things I Observed:

Dewier skin with less oil, plumper skin, fewer blackheads, less headaches, clear urine, and an aversion to hard liquor.

Things I Did Not Observe:

Weight loss (not that I was trying for it), less pain, and less acne. I’m seeing a doctor for the latter right now; sadly being more hydrated hasn't stopped the cystic stuff.

And here's how it went for Darnell.

"I found the effects of this experiment to be highly successful. Some of the noticeable changes included my lack in pimples and dry skin. My face felt extra plump and full of life, and I secretly think my skin tone became a bit more vibrant, if that's even real. I actually stuck with drinking a gallon a day after the challenge was over."

Things I Observed:

Plumper, clearer, more hydrated skin with a renewed tone.

Things I Did Not Observe:

As far as increased energy, which I was expecting, I felt the same all around, as if my water drinking habits hadn't even changed. I also wish it had changed the bags under my eyes. I read that a lot of water helps with that issue and I feel like it didn't make a noticeable difference.

The effects are more obvious when you look at weeks one and four side by side.

Both Darn and I agree that this challenge, if done safely (read: start slow), yields results that are better felt than seen.

In his case, he noticed an overall reduction in acne and clogged pores. On my end, I've never had such hydrated skin in my entire life. Between my love for sheet masks and this new water regimen, I can't wait to see what my skin looks like after I get my cystic zit issues under control.

Both of us have agreed to do our best to continue drinking a gallon of water a day. It feels really good!

  • How much water do you drink a day?
  • What water bottles or tips have you employed to help up your daily water intake?
  • Are you thinking of taking the 30 gallons/30 days challenge?

Photos: Darnell Scott