I Tried Dove's New Dry Spray and I Don't Think I'll Ever Use Sticks or Roll-Ons Again

I'm here to confirm that it does, indeed, leave your pits feeling smooth and fresh.
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February 3, 2016
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None of us like it, but we all have to use it — deodorant. Each morning, we ladies wake up, stumble out of bed, and roll on antiperspirant before getting dressed … or sometimes after, leaving white streaks on our best blacks.

But now, the necessary task of making sure our underarms smell like daisies has been made a lot easier thanks to Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. I tried the new spray before getting ready for a long work event and I'm totally sold!

As I headed off for an exciting day with the Dove team themselves, I threw on the Original scent option and headed out the door. While I'm normally dripping with sweat after a couple hours of socializing and moving around (I live in L.A. where it's rarely below 70 degrees), I instead found myself comfortable and odorless as the day went on.

The spray comes in six different scents. From soothing chamomile to calming cucumber, there's literally an option for every mood you might find yourself in on those dreaded work mornings. Also, it instantly dries onto your skin, leaving you worry-free when you eventually throw on your clothes. And the best part? It lasts for not just one day, but a total of 48 hours.

On top of all these benefits, the inventive antiperspirant is also one quarter moisturizer. And I'm here to confirm that it does, indeed, leave your pits feeling smooth and fresh.

"The spray gives you the care that the underarms deserve," Fred Michaels, brand manager for Dove, told me. "They're a rather neglected part of the body that goes through a lot of torture tests with all the shaving, which is hard on skin, so Dove is helping your skin to recover."

So many women seem to be switching over from traditional roll-on antiperspirant sticks that can leave white clumps and wear off before you even hit your peak sweat level — and now I understand why. Spray is absolutely the way to go, and Dove totally nailed it.

My verdict? Try Dry!

This post originally appeared on mimichatter.com: I Tried It: Dove Dry Spray; Kate Durocher

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