Do You Ever Feel the Need to Switch Up Your Deodorant? Plus COTW!

I've tried sooooo many deodorants, but I'm really into my latest pick.
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August 15, 2015
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I've definitely professed my love for Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Antiperspirant/Deodorant before, along with Kara and Rachel. Don't worry—it's still a beauty staple for me. However, do you ever notice that after several months or a year of using a deodorant that you love, it suddenly stops working as well as it once did?

I don't know if my armpits just "get used to it" (yeah, that sounds really scientific, Kelly) or if it gets dirty from the times I used it without showering first (you are so judging me hard right now) but for whatever reason, I don't like to use the same deodorant year after year.

While I was in ULTA considering picking up a fresh Cashmere Mist, I noticed this Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant. Compared to Cashmere Mist's price of $20, this was a steal at only about $13. (Also, I enjoy that ULTA declares it "a beauty editor favorite!")

I like to give my underarms a break from antiperspirants as much as possible, and this natural deodorant fits the bill. Plus, I love the fresh, citrusy scent, which smells a little sharp at first but mellows out wonderfully after marinating in my pits all day.

I think it's the perfect summer deodorant (unless you really need to control sweat), and I only wish I'd found it sooner.

I think this will be my official summer deodorant and Cashmere Mist will be my winter deodorant, because I'm a weirdo who is willing to spend a lot of money on deodorants, talk about them at length to whoever will listen, and prescribe each deodorant an appropriate season.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "innatchka" kind of has a point about the Maybelline The Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara (although I still want to try it):

Am I the only one who thinks maybelline came up with a crappy mascara formula and decided to salvage it by marketing it like it was intentional? It definitely looks better on you then in those ads though :)

2. This comment isn't particularly beauty-related, but we were discussing women live-tweeting their periods to Donald Trump and "Dobby's Sock" made me laugh so hard. It's funny because it's true (but also terrifying):

I have members of my family who genuinely plan on voting for Trump and it makes my bootyhole pucker in fear.

3. A round of applause for Allison, who truly did a service for "Kes" and others who can't French braid their hair:

I've never been able to French braid and I've always lamented it...and I just watched this at my desk at work and did a proper French braid for the first time EVER. Maybe it's one of those simple things that just needed to be explained to me in a slightly different way in order for me to get it, but girl you finally got through! THANK YOU!

4. How cool was Colleen's astronaut beauty article? But I agree with "rabbit" and everyone else who NOPED at leg-shaving in space:

This was awesome! I loved reading all about these things. I have zero desire to be in space but the balls of water do sound awesome. I'm surprised that the woman continued to shave her legs - that would be the first thing for me to go hahaha

5. "Ava" is right: this drugstore beauty brand is pretty great.

Skin+Pharmacy--which I think is CVS's in-house brand?--is awesome! Their glycolic acid cleanser is my skin's favorite thing, and it's crazy affordable. Also CVS has a Sephora-like return policy where you can return anything with the receipt (without it, they'll give you store credit) including opened and used cosmetics. I've done it like 12,000 times and never had an issue. I think Walgreens has the same policy. So I am a huge fan!

  • Do you have to switch up your deodorant or does your favorite never fail you?
  • What is your favorite deodorant? And feel free to share the most you would pay or have paid for deodorant!
  • Have you tried Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant?