Candles So Pretty I Never Want to Burn Them

So I'll just smell them instead
Publish date:
November 29, 2016
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If you walked into my house and counted the number of candles in my living room (it's 26), you might assume that I have a problem. But really, is it such a problem to have a large, sprawling collection of candles? I mean, aside from the obvious lack of surface space, there are a number of positives.

For example, I have two cats but my home smells amazing, I'm only a lighter away from instant ambiance, and the candles themselves are gorgeous and therefore add to my overall decor. They're so gorgeous, in fact, that I actually have a difficult time lighting them, but that's OK because they still smell amazing just sitting there.

I'm not saying that you should buy the following candles and never light them yourself, but I am saying that they're so pretty — and they smell so good as is — that they'll afford you that option.

Tocca & John Robshaw Kuda Huraa Candle

This is the Kuda Huraa candle, which is one in a collaboration series between iconic textile designer John Robshaw and fragrance house TOCCA. The blue print on this ceramic vessel is straight from Robshaw's own collection and was inspired by his visit to the Maldives. It smells like thick, wet, perfumed sea air, coconut-scented, warmed-by-skin sunscreen and rich, tropical plants.

Paddywax Woods Collection

Anytime someone asks me for a gift idea, I think of Paddywax candles. Candles are an exceptionally easy gift to give as is, but Paddywax makes it easier because of how many designs they have. Also, each scent comes in various vessel forms. I'm a big fan of all their candles, but their new woods collection is especially pretty, IMO. It comes in Driftwood & Indigo (a masculine, powdery cologne scent), Eucalyptus & Sandalwood, and Leather & Oakmoss.

Paddywax Urban Collection

Paddywax's Urban collection is another favorite of mine. The vessel is a thick, heavy, concrete slab with a swash of paint on the side. Each candle scent has its own color, and the gold above is Amber & Smoke. You can also buy the Urban candle in a smaller, 3.5-oz size for $11 (versus 12-oz).

Bijou Boudoir No. 12

Bijou Candles are a Lauren Conrad favorite, if that tells you anything. They come in two sizes: the large 8-oz. version for $32, and the petite 1.6-oz version for $10. Above is the Ambre Tubereuse candle from the Boudoir collection, which features a creamy vanilla-colored vessel and sparkling, but warm, amber fragrance.

I also have the Winter Pine Bijou candle ($23) from the L'Hiver collection, which is one of my favorite holiday scents. What's nice about Bijou candles is that you can buy replacements that fit inside and are about half the cost of the original.

Rosy Rings Lemon Blossom and Lychee Botanical Candle

If there's any style of candle that's harder to light than another, it has to be a pillar candle. They're just so beautiful, and the fact that once it's done burning there's truly nothing left makes me feel nostalgic for it even before the candle's been lit!

It shouldn't surprise you then to learn that I have absolutely zero intention of ever lighting the candle above. It will sit prettily forever and ever amen. Rosy Rings actually has 15 versions of their pillar candle, all equally as beautiful. They range from $44 to $85 depending on height/burn time. There's also a massive two-wick candle that costs $165.

Peacock Parfumerie Bourban Rose Candle

This is another one of my favorite candle brands, partly because they are so creative with their fragrances, and partly because there's this air of mystery within every single product. I especially think their Botanist Candles are pretty. They come in a glass vessel that's filled most of the way and then topped off with dried botanicals that you can pour into a pretty container and place elsewhere. Bourbon Rose is a rich, earthy, smokey rose fragrance.

Illume Thai Lily Vanity Tin Candle

This was given to me as a gift, and I put it on display as soon as I unwrapped it. After doing some research, I learned that, like Paddywax, Illume makes various vessel styles for each of its scents. Above is the Vanity Tin style, which was inspired by retro cake tins that feature a tin base and enclosing lid. The tin looks as if its been painted with watercolor, and I personally think it's prettier with the lid off! The Thai Lily scent is fresh and juicy with blood orange, lily, mango, nectarine and musk.

  • Which is your favorite style from above?
  • Do you ever have a hard time lighting candles?
  • What's the prettiest candle you've ever come across?