Dental N00bs, Gather Round: 3 Things That Give Me Sparkling Teeth

None of which are "whitening" products.
Publish date:
August 30, 2015
tooth powders, toothbrushes, DenTek, Evolve

It’s not easy to resist coffee for the sake of my teeth. Why bother? I sincerely think the world is a better place because I am caffeinated. Lord help the universe if I miss a dose.

Perhaps I could have used the ol’ doppio over ice before beginning this story about my teeth, which is decidedly not about coffee. Anywho, because I do things that jeopardize my Vanna Whites very often, I figured I'd share my secrets to sparkling toofs, because I love you all as much as I love coffee, and that's a whole heap.

Evolve Toothbrush

I hop from one toothbrush to another, so I rarely commit to one brand. Lately, I’ve been using this Evolve toothbrush because it looks just my pup’s. It has three angled segments that help attack teeth from all sides, and it has been working wonderfully!

I actually find bushing to be quicker since I don’t have to go in on the same area from three different angles to get everything squeaky. Also, this one has bristles that point inward when you use them, which feels a little funny but really seems to get things cleaner!

Dentek Professional Oral Care Kit

I used to use a set like this weekly, a hard-to-stick-to but very rewarding grooming practice. I’m trying to make an effort to go in with picks and scrapers every now and again. When I last kept this habit, the hygienist and dentist literally said I had the cleanest teeth they have ever seen, and that was so much better than the “You better floss!” lectures from past years.

If you don’t have dental insurance, using a kit like this can get you a little bit closer to a pro clean. If you simply hate going to the dentist, this is also a good way to stretch out the time between your visits.

Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder

This stuff is hella cheap and effective! I am such a big fan of this powder and have been using it for years, having purchased it from my local Indian shop. To be totally honest, I use conventional toothpaste only when I have a cold or have eaten an obscenely large quantity of garlic. This is charcoal, a handful of different Ayurvedic tooth-friendly herbs as well as some menthol, clove, and eucalyptus.

It doesn’t taste particularly good—kind of like the ghost of a cough drop—but it makes my teeth shockingly white and keeps them that way. Some people mix it with regular toothpaste, use once or twice a week, or even brush with their fingers, but I like to use it twice daily with a brush. You can use it to scrub down your whole mouth post-floss and pre-tongue-scraper and you end up with a pristine mouth!

Using these all together is absolutely killing my mouth game right now. For someone that drinks so much coffee and enjoys combustibles, I have some treasures in that mug! I know it can be hard to stick to things like daily flossing or weekly pick seshies, but oral hygiene is so important to the rest of your body, it really can’t be neglected.

  • What do you do to keep your teeth extra-white?
  • Anyone use a kit or strips?

Some photos by Jesse A. Caldwell