The Beyoncé Dance Class Is A Workout Disguised As A Good Time

Plus: Chair dancing!
Publish date:
June 9, 2014
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I’m willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for an Alexander Wang sample sale, but, as we've previously established, I do not believe in taking more than 15 minutes to apply my makeup.

And when it comes to fitness, please believe I feel the same way.

Whenever I muster up the strength to work out, I enjoy it. I don’t do cardio because I’m afraid I’ll disappear, but I enjoy yoga, Pilates, lunges, ab work and anything that’ll help me build muscle.

My main problem is that I’m hardly ever in the mood to do any of those things. I’d rather go home to sleep instead of spending two hours at CrossFit, and though I was a faithful yoga and Pilates goer in college, I can’t bring myself to pay for such a thing while living in NYC.

I’ve settled for doing small at-home workouts, but the lack of variety started to bore me. I contemplated buying a gym membership in hopes that once the purchase was made, I would feel motivated by not wanting to waste my money. (That plan stopped at the contemplation stage.)

But I've loved dancing since the beginning of time. I took lessons as a child, but unlike my sisters, who took dance until their senior year of high school, I wasn't really up to dancing on stage. I was more of the type to dance in front of the TV every time an Aaliyah or Michel Jackson video came on.

So I never thought I'd let a soul outside of my home see my sick moves--until I discovered the Beyoncé workout classes at Broadway Bodies, a dance studio that also offers Michael Jackson (hee-hee), Glee, and Broadway classes.

The fashion and beauty industries have been all about this class for the past few months, but I was never able to get in because these boys fill up fast. I joined the mailing list and as soon as June and July sessions were available to book, you gotta know that I hoped right on it.

Each class is based on a song from Beyoncé’s latest album. I booked the “Drunk In Love” class because not only is it the jams of all jams, but because I was so ready for the twerk action Beyoncé did in the video.

I entered the Beyoncé Workout wearing running shorts and a sports bra ready to turn into Queen Bey. I was already nervous when I stepped foot in front of the mirrored wall, but my stomach dropped when I learned we were going to be learning a routine that required us to get real cozy with a chair. (If I were in a relationship, I would be all for it, but since I don’t have a man at home, I wasn’t really into learning how to seduce someone, chair or no chair.) But our instructor, Mitchell Wayne, made us all feel comfortable, even as we straddled the chairs, rolled around on the floor, and twerked in front of each other.

Let's talk about this chair dance, though. I had no ideal that I had it in me to twirl around in a chair, seductively roll out of a chair without looking silly, and dance around a chair without breaking a leg. There was a class full of people and we all had a chair, but somehow we made it work, and escaped injury-free.

The class lasted an hour, with a 10 minute warm-up, 30 minutes for learning the routine (about a third of the song), and the last 20 minutes spent perfecting our craft. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Not only was it fun to let loose and feel like a diva for an hour, but it actually felt like a workout (sneaky!). Plus, I learned how to dance in a chair, meaning my next boyfriend will be in for a nice treat once I actually find one.

Classes are $20 each, which can be expensive if you want to go the three to four times they’re offered each week, but if you’re a fellow lazy and just need a kick every now and then, this is the perfect alternative to the gym.

How do you motivate when you don't want to deal with working out? And what’s your favorite song to dance to?