I'm Dumping All Sorts of Supplements into My Smoothies

I want you to see me glowing two states away after my daily greens.
Publish date:
June 29, 2016
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I’ve had some weird health issues in the past year, and because of that, I’ve taken a long, hard look at my diet. I now eat red meat only once per month, watch my sodium, make better choices at brunch, don’t keep alcohol in the house, stay away from Taco Bell as much as I can and try really, really hard to eat something green or fresh every day, no matter what.

I will probably always choke down a salad reluctantly, though, which is why blending up my greens into an easy, drinkable smoothie is my solution.

I really do think my increased consumption of spinach, kale, and all their leafy little friends has done great things for my skin and my energy level. When I go a few days without my regular green routine, I feel nasty and sluggish.

I know that packing a smoothie with several heaping handfuls of greens, a little kefir, a chunk of avocado, and antioxidant-rich wild blueberries is a pretty darn healthy (and beautifying) daily treat, but I always think I need something more to really up the glow factor. Like, I want you to see me glowing two states away after my daily greens.

And so I make “beauty smoothies.” I know that supplements can be full of junk or pseudo-science, and I’m seriously skeptical about health-food crazes. The word “superfood” makes me break into a rash. But sometimes you find yourself prowling the aisles of Whole Foods in a daze and come home with a bunch of little packets to dump in your smoothies. Like, yes, I’m getting my probiotics, my calcium and my vitamin C in my smoothies, but what am I missing? Spirulina? That sounds like something I should have!

These beauty powders and supplements aren’t meant to replace a healthy diet, but rather to enhance it, so don’t go thinking you’re negating your bad habits with a powder packet. It’s like a juice cleanse; they’re not going to make you skinny and beautiful in a week, but they might help you realize the areas of your diet that need a little TLC.

So I channel my inner Ina Garten and sprinkle a little of this, a little of that into my smoothies. You know what Ina always says: "If you can’t get fresh, store-bought is fine."

My basic smoothie recipe:

  • 2-3 heaping handfuls of baby spinach/juicing greens/whatever greens you like
  • 1 cup frozen wild blueberries
  • 1 generous splash kefir or large scoop of Greek yogurt
  • 1/3 or ½ avocado
  • Cold water
  • Supplement powder of choice
  • Little bit of cinnamon

Then blend, blend, blend! If you’re new to green smoothies, I suggest adding half of a frozen banana to help cut the earthy taste. I’m used to it by now and actually crave it, so I can skip the banana.

I haven’t been using Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust and Brain Dust for long, but I kind of love them. It’s probably the packaging. Brain Dust is supposed relieve stress and feed your brain with gingko, and Beauty Dust has literal pearls in it. I don’t know if these babies are hooey, but I do know that Gwyneth Paltrow uses them.

Marci sent me HUM’s Flawless & Fearless supplements to try because she knows I’ve struggled with my skin for-ev-er. I’m on spironolactone now, a true miracle, but taking these two supplements every day (one with food, one without) really did make my skin feel glowier and plumper, which is probably due to the fish oil.

Others I enjoy:

Aloha’s Daily Good has long been a smoothie standby for both my mother and me. They claim you get a full serving of fruits and veggies in one of their packets, which contain peas, spinach, raspberry juice, wheatgrass juice and a whole bunch of other things — and you really can’t even taste it. The best part about Aloha is that you can try Daily Good for free! (I'm not getting paid for this, I swear!)

I’ve used Amazing Grass Green Superfood powders for years. They’re expensive, but they last forever. Their powders are full of actual raw ingredients instead of juices. If I was going to recommend a smoothie powder, I’d definitely steer you towards these. You can find them at Whole Foods, health-food stores, and even Target.

  • Do you add powders into your smoothies?
  • Are you addicted to green juice/smoothies like I am?
  • Or do you think it's all hype?