6 Bubble Bath Products I Can Finally Indulge In Now That I Have a Bathtub

Honestly, it’s a miracle I’ve even left the bath over these past few months.
Publish date:
January 22, 2016
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I live for baths. I live for baths so much that even though I lived in an apartment without a bathtub for over two years, I continued to buy and collect bath products in the hopes that, one day, me and bath time would be forever reunited.

Last November my wish finally came true: I moved into a beautiful loft apartment with my best friend, and not only did we have two bathrooms, but we finally owned (or leased rather) our very own bathtub.

Honestly, it’s a miracle I’ve even left the bath over these past few months. I have so many products to test and try from my years of wishful hoarding that I didn’t even know where to start when we first moved in. Can you mix salt with oils? How about with a bath bomb? Are you really supposed to be able to break bath bombs cleanly in two, because it honestly seems impossible! So. Many. Questions.

It quickly became apparent to me that there’s no bath quite like a bubble bath. Salts are relaxing, oils are luxurious, and bath bombs are oh so fun, but without bubbles, I just can’t help but feel like something is missing. (I blame it on my spoiled childhood...?) Anyway, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with bubble baths of all sorts, often mixing them together into one giant bath magic potion. (Sadly, no magical powers have transferred to me post-soak. Yet.)

I thought it would make a lot of sense to share my “scientific” findings here — and by scientific, I mean my personal preferences based on pretty packaging, enchanting scents and skin-smoothness scores.

Library of Flowers True Vanilla Bubble Bath

Infused with cocoa butter and green tea, this bubble bath is a truly bubble-tastic dream. It leaves skin super-soft, creates big, luscious bubbles in the tub, and it just so happens to smell like one of my all-time favourite perfumes thanks to bergamot, dark vanilla and amber.

Not Soap, Radio The Pheonix

If you need a pick-me-up, look no further than this shimmering pink bubble bath. Loaded with persimmon plum and bergamot, this product promises to uplift the spirit, boost confidence, and essentially make you feel reborn (the bottle specifically says it's for "when you need to rise from the ashes, yet again"). I’ve been going through a hard time lately, and maybe it’s a placebo effect, but soaking in this stuff really seems to help.

Philosophy Coconut Frosting Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

I’m always obsessing about sunshine and tropical vacations, so coconut-scented anything has a way of stealing my heart. This creamy concoction is rich, and dare I say cakey? It’s a super-indulgent way to make your bathtub into an instant staycation.

Lollia Wish Sugared Pastille Bubbling Bath

Perhaps Lollia’s most beloved scent, Wish’s main notes are vanilla bean, rice flower, jasmine, amber, ylang ylang and sugared pastille. Translation: slipping into a bathtub of this stuff is like teleporting to a sugary cloud resting on a cotton candy sunset.

Tokyo Milk Rose With Bees Bubble Bath No. 12

I’m a long-time fan of Tokyo Milk, but until now, I haven’t had a reason to invest in a bottle of their bubble bath. Though it was a very tight competition, I ended up going with their Rose with Bees No. 12, and I’m so glad I did. Fit for a queen, this avocado and olive oil infused formula is the perfect blend of citrus and floral fragrance.

LUSH Bubble Bars

Who isn't into LUSH’s colourful inventions? The only reason these guys don't rank higher on my list is that I don’t like having to hold the bar under the tap to make it dissolve and bubble. Other than that one convenience-based complaint, these fun bath products are the best.

  • Have you ever lived without a bathtub?
  • What's your all-time favorite bubble bath formula?