I've Found the Sexiest Solution to Chub Rub

Bandelettes make me feel like I have a lacy little secret!
Publish date:
April 22, 2015
chub rub, heat rash, anti-chaffing, bandelettes

As the weather warms up, the chances of getting the dreaded inner thigh chafe. I’ve documented my own remedy for thigh burn on xoVain before, but I was challenged to try an alternative with a little bit of sass.

I enlisted the help of two of my friends and we all gave these a whirl…

Bandelettes are a soft band of lace meant to be worn around your thighs to prevent them from chafing when they rub together.

The bands come with silicone grip strips on the inside to prevent them from sliding around or off your legs.

Here’s what each of us thought:


The silicone grip seemed to roll on me at the top, but they didn't fall off. The rolling was minimal, and I didn't find that it made it uncomfortable. I liked the concept of the lace (it was like my own little sexy secret) but I thought the fabric could have been softer. I did like that they didn't bunch up into my crotch like shorts do, and they didn't make it hard to breath like Spanx, which is a major bonus for me. I could definitely see myself wearing these on a special occasions, but not every day.


I actually loved these! I wore them around the house first. Had I gotten a smaller size, I think they would've been perfect. I didn't mind the fabric. I felt sexy! I wore them out at night, so my thighs weren't sweaty--my thighs sweat badly in the summer, so I'm not sure how they would've done in the heat, but they were fine at night. I'd give 'em a 7...? Had I gotten a smaller size they'd be an 8 ½!


OK, so, I wore them to a wedding. Well, I wore them in the parking lot. They did not stay up on me at all. They didn't slide horribly bad, but I was so afraid that if I was already having trouble with them that soon, I didn't want them to be down around my feet by the time the wedding was over. I think I'm just a Spanx type of girl!

It’s a mixed bag as far as the reactions, obviously, but I personally liked them well enough and would definitely wear them before I wore shorts or Spanx for comfort reasons.

  • How do you battle chub rub?
  • Have you tried Bandelettes?