A 20-Minute Full-Body Workout You Can Do At Home

Often the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym. So don't go!
Publish date:
January 13, 2015
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Sometimes, the actual act of working out is not the hardest part about working out. You know what I’m talking about: the buildup. The hour you spend thinking about how you need to work out and the hour after that where you have to convince yourself you are, in fact, definitely going to work out today. Yes. You’re going do it. You are going to find those matching socks and tie your shoes and head right outside to that gym. Maybe.

How do we get our pre-workout minds right? First, don't go to the gym. Instead, pull this article up on your laptop or print it out and follow Betina Gozo's 20-minute at-home workout. Ready?

ROUND 1Cardio: Plank, 30 Seconds

Cardio: Plank Walks, 30 seconds

Strength: 45 seconds, Tricep Push-Ups

Cardio: Plank Dips, 30 seconds

Cardio: Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds

REST 30 seconds; REPEAT 2 times

ROUND 2Strength: Push-Ups, 45 seconds

Cardio: Burpees, 30 seconds

Strength: Prisoner Squats, 45 seconds

Cardio: Skater Jumps, 30 seconds

REST – 30 seconds.REPEAT 2 times through.

ROUND 3Strength: Alternating Step Back Lunges, 45 seconds

Cardio: Tuck Jumps, 30 seconds

Strength: Sumo Squat Hold With Pulse, 30 seconds

Cardio: Jump Lunges, 30 seconds

Cardio: High Knees, 30 seconds

REST – 30 seconds.REPEAT 2 times through.

You can absolutely mix and match these exercises to fit your preference. Keep it fun!

  • What are your favorite at-home workouts?
  • Do you hate getting ready for workouts more than the actual act of working out, like me?