I've Had Under-Eye Circles Since I Was Born

My quest for that Holy Grail concealer will likely never end, here are some wild and wacky treatments I have been trying of late.
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January 29, 2013
under eye circles

Since birth, I have been plagued with under eye circles. Don't believe me? Check out my baby bags in full glory.

It wasn't until I was 17 that I realized the full gravity of the situation. As I looked into the mirror that ill-fated high school morning - hands full of Clean and Clear acne face wash, mind full of teen angst - I realised that no amount of black eyeliner could distract from the shadows that seemed to be permanently etched below my eyes.

Since then, my love affair with eye creams and concealers has been tumultuous at best. Usually, this relationship involves dropping a lot of cash only to end up looking disdainfully at my reflection, swearing off mirrors for life and praying that one day, wearing sunglasses indoors will move from the realm of super creepy to super chic.

Though my quest for that Holy Grail concealer will likely never end (Collection 2000 and Bye Bye Undereye, both with lashings of Touche Éclat over top, came close), here are some wild and wacky treatments I have been trying of late.

This weird looking contraption apparently works through lymphatic drainage. The massaging action of the jade helps to circulate lymph fluid which is said to diminish puffiness and dark circles.

Does it really work? I have no idea, but I can say that apparently Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Kylie Minogue, Sadie Frost and Debbie Harry are fans - so that must mean something, right?

Do you ever get that feeling where you slap on your eye cream and then think - did I use enough? Is it working? Is it still there? Should I put on some more? Well, never fear. Muji has come to your rescue with these handy little eye mask patches that you can use with your eye cream, then place under your eyes to make sure some serious absorption happens.

Okay, I'm not talking about slathering the patches with Crème de la Mer, let's be real, but you know those eye creams you get free with magazines? Or Vaseline? This is for that. (Jennifer Aniston uses Vaseline as eye cream all the time, you guys).

If you are feeling a little luxurious and want to splash on some of that miracle serum - to economize, only add a dab, then spray the pads with a little rosewater and you're good to go.

Muji says to leave the patch on for 5-10 minutes, but I say why not stretch that to whenever you have little to no contact with the outside world?

If I really want to take this to the next level, I might try out these weird under-eye masks. What do you think? I'm game if you are...

What are some of your undereye tips?