Celebrate 4/20 With This Cannabis Fragrance Roundup!

Just because I’m not doing drugs doesn’t mean I can’t smell like I am.
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April 20, 2015

My New Year’s resolution was to do more drugs.

Now, in this case, “more” would really mean any, since I don’t fuck with drugs. I can barely navigate my life with a mild champagne buzz, can you imagine me on, like, a hallucinogen? Let’s not.

But, my resolutions for 2015 were no hangovers, no boys, and more drugs. Clearly, those are all aspirational.

Just because I’m not doing drugs doesn’t mean I can’t smell like I am. I don’t have to miss out on all the fun! Lucky for me, there’s a note in many fragrances that allows me to feel like I’m hanging with narcotics without ever having to use them.

Cannabis is incorporated into many fragrances, and in celebration of today, 4/20, I’ve sourced all of the best weed fragrances so you can enjoy marijuana without ever having to smoke it. Or, you can wear the fragrances while smoking it! Even better.

My friend and I were working on a photo shoot a few months ago, and he started talking my ear off about Cannabis Santal by Fresh, $88.

I had never smelled it, but he went on for a few minutes, punctuating the conversation with “I really, really love it, and not just because I’m obsessed with weed.” If that’s not a sell, I don’t know what is.

Fresh surprised me by doing not only one, but two cannabis fragrances, the second being Cannabis Rose. Of all the fragrances in this roundup, Cannabis Santal is the warmest and most approachable of the scents. Fresh has a way of taking a fragrance concept, like Brown Sugar or Sake, and building around it in a way that showcases it and expands upon it.

Cannabis Santal busts open with orange and bergamot, which are nicely rounded out by plum. Though plum is still a fruit, it works like an amber or sandalwood by softening the edges of the more tangy fruits, keeping their brightness, but making them play well with the other notes without taking over the scent.

In the middle, patchouli and rose would be a familiar pairing, but the addition of cannabis makes the trio more herbaceous without making the scent too green. The base is almost as sweet as a celebrity perfume with musk, vetiver, dark chocolate, and vanilla, but when set under the other scents, anchors them without being sickeningly sweet.

Cannabis Santal is a deviously alluring fragrance, warm, sweet, and sensual. It seems innocent enough until it’s been wearing for a couple of hours and, every once in a while, hits you with the distinct smell of marijuana. Always a nice surprise.

I feel like I’ve been surrounded by weed more often than usual lately. I was on my friends balcony last weekend just casually sipping champagne…

When all of a sudden I smelled weed floating through the air. My friend had pulled a blunt OUT OF HIS HAIR (goals) and lit it up, like it was nothing. Impressive, if you ask me.

Smoke for the Soul by Kilian, $270.

Smoke for the Soul is another fragrance that is all too happy to get high with you. Where Cannabis Santal warms up the cannabis and makes it more inviting, Smoke for the Soul plays on its natural, herbaceous edge.

The fragrance is built like a chypre, but without any of the anchoring sweetness. This makes it equally tart and woody, accented by a little bit of smoke. At the top, the standouts are eucalyptus, grapefruit, tobacco, and birch, held down at the bottom by the three Cs: cashmirwood, cardamom, and cannabis.

Killian doesn’t make cannabis standout as much as Fresh did, instead, incorporating into the fragrance, letting cannabis drive the scent without making it the focal point.

“Do you guys smell weed?” I ask my friends, as we’re walking into our favorite sushi spot.

“Oh…it’s me,” I explained. “I’m wearing a weed fragrance.”

“You would be.” They both deadpan, in unison.

I was wearing Cannabis by Il Profvmo, $165.

This is a more simplistic rendering of cannabis note, while still being balanced enough to not leave you smelling like you hot boxed your car.

Cannabis, floral notes, and amber work together to make this a warm, sophisticated scent that wears well all day and is surprisingly round, in spite of the minimal notes. Amber’s mellow sweetness gives it longevity, making it enjoyable throughout wear.

The scent isn’t my favorite of the bunch, but it has sort of a sticky bun sweetness that isn’t as overbearing as that would make it sound, and is actually a nice juxtaposition to the dank heaviness of cannabis and makes it very wearable. If you’re really hunting for a weed fragrance to wear to the office every day and don’t work at, like, a dispensary, this might be the one for you.

I was at a cigar bar before a concert a few weeks ago, and my friend looks over at me and goes, “I have a hitter in my boot.”

I can barely fit my iPhone into the pocket of my skinny jeans let alone a pipe in my footwear! I almost wanted to smoke up just because of his ingenuity, his commitment to the party. I did not. But I didn’t need to, because I was already wearing Cannabis Flower by Demeter, $24.

Demeter does one notes, which are, to a fragrance enthusiast like me, sort of a welcome respite like, once a month. A breather.

Cannabis Flower is a surprisingly delightful fragrance. It isn’t overpowering, doesn’t leave you smelling like you’ve been hitting a blunt for the last hour, and wears down to be a little powdery and pleasant.

I love Cannabis Flower and I wish that it wore a little bit better on its own, because it does fade within maybe four hours, but it would be a great base for many fragrances if you’re looking to add a bit depth to what you’re already wearing.

Cannabis Perfume Oil by Malin + Goetz, $50.

Cannabis by Malin + Goetz is a perfume oil that contains no actual material from the cannabis plant, but is made up of oils meant to mimic the scent. It’s a spicy, heady scent that is surprisingly wearable.

It jumps off at the top with fig and pepper, with orange and lemon making up the bright, citrusy middle, and patchouli and sandalwood holding it all down at the base. The scent doesn’t perfectly mimic the smell of actual cannabis, instead, it interprets it in a way that’s accurate, while making it a little brighter and more wearable.

Are you into weed in your perfume? Do any of your fragrances incorporate cannabis? How are you celebrating 4/20? Let's smoke up in the comments, ya stoners!

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