Is "Just Bitten" supposed to be a Twilight reference? The typeface on the stick looks a little Twilight-y. Don't fuck with me, Revlon.
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December 3, 2012
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What up, #JaneGang!

I’m all excited about another new beauty product, so run for cover.

Ever since Revlon released their Color Burst Lip Butters that everyone loved at the end of last year, they spent the rest of 2012 dropping more sick lip products on us. They bestowed upon us a whole slew of high quality products for all you girls who enjoy alternatives to a regular lipstick or lip gloss. Yes, Revlon! Hit us with those OPTIONS.

So, I'm out at this bar, right? I'm wearing these new camo pants (Rihanna has been wearing a lot of camo so I've been wearing a lot of camo). I reach in my pocket for my favorite lip balm and realize that I left it in my other pair of jeans. "BALLS," I exclaim.

My friend Synjin (I only hang out with people with weird names) reaches in her purse and yanks out this long red tube.

"Here. Shut up and use this," she tells me, as she hands me Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm.

I yanked the cap off and slid it on. It felt super smooth without being sticky, which is exactly how I want my lip balms to feel. But then I turned it over and yanked a cap off of the other end. A LIPSTAIN! A TWO-IN-ONE. Oh, my god.

The reason I'm so stoked on Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm is because when the weather gets cold, my lips get really chapped and lose all of their color. As a result, my face gets all washed out and I look like a corpse, which is literally the farthest thing from cute.

Even though I slather on "BABY LIPS" every hour on the hour, my lips will undoubtedly be rock hard by December 1st and I'll look like the Grim. I could go the tinted lip balm route but they're hard for guys to pull off because they're always so obvious. I can’t get enough moisture to protect my lips without getting too much color. I want my lips to be like, normal lip color, not bright pink and glossy.

But, dude, with Just Bitten, you can slather on as much lip balm as your little chapped lips need and then control how much color you're rocking. I slap on the lip balm first, then dab on just enough lip stain to bring my mug back to life, and I'm good to go. And because it's a stain, I don’t have to reapply 30 minutes later. AND, because it's a BALM (there's that word again), the stain isn't going to dry out your lips, as some stains are wont to do.

I love it because it gives me that sneaky little bit of color that brings my face back to life in these cold and glum winter months that we’re entering. I'm not trying to make my lips POP like I'm a damn Kardashian (oh, who am I kidding). But when I need a little bit of color in my life, I use "Gothic," because I am obviously gothic, but also because it most closely matches the natural color of my lips.

Don't get me wrong though, you can totally bring the drama, “Bad Girls Club” style with this shit if you're looking for great color and long wear. "Crave" is a juicy, hot pink/magenta that reminds me of Gala, and "Midnight" is a great oxblood for all of you trend watchers out there. Rihanna would wear "Midnight."

Side note: Is "Just Bitten" supposed to be a Twilight reference? The typeface on the stick looks a little Twilight-y. Don't fuck with me, Revlon.

Related: Revlon ALSO recently put out another product called with a similar name called “Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.” Can we not with confusing me? This product is similar to Clinique’s new CHUBBY STICK (omg, “chubby stick”) Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, but for half the price. Knowledge is power, babes.

So, do you love it? How do we FEEL about lipstains? How do you fools keep your lips protected during these cold winter months? Which Kardashian are YOU? I’m Khloe, duh.

Tynan is wearing camo pants on Twitter @TynanBuck.