WANT IT WEDNESDAY: Meet Shiseido's Fancy (Huh) New URBAN Sunscreen for Haters

Skincare this good deserves alliteration and a vague Drake reference.
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March 7, 2012
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"I don't know why I would ever wear sunscreen," said Olivia this morning, much to my horror."Because!" I sputtered. "You have to wear sunscreen! Think of the wrinkles; the premature aging -- you just have to!"Skipping sun protection is like having lots of sex without wearing a condom. Sure you might be fine for a while, but sooner or later an STD or a pregnancy might pop up, the same way that fine lines and wrinkles will probably appear if you pass on sunscreen for long enough. Here's why: UVA and UVB rays are present whenever there's light, regardless of season, temperature or location, and they're both harmful in different ways. UVA rays are the pesky ones that mess with skin and encourage wrinkles, even on cloudy days. They even penetrate glass. UVBs on the other hand, are responsible for sunburn, redness and, eventually, even skin cancer.If none of these risks matters to you and you need to trick yourself into wearing sunscreen, then Shiseido's new Urban Environment Protector is perfect for you. It's the skincare equivalent of sneaking green vegetables into a child's food. Seriously, this oil-free SPF 42 formula is not only super-luxe by virtue of being from Shiseido, it also provides a perfect, primer-like base for foundation. Unlike other sunscreen fluids I've tried that leave my skin with shine slicks by mid-afternoon, Urban Environment Protector keeps grease-prone skin even. Not matte and oppressed, but glowy and perfect.It also comes in a chic little pod that's great for toting around in your makeup bag as I like to do. I'm going to Miami tomorrow and refuse to check my bags, so it's definitely a relief that this little guy passes those annoying liquid regulations. Alright I'm gushing, but only because it's justified. Do you wear sunscreen on a daily basis like me or are you more relaxed like Olivia? What's your favorite sunscreen? Beach destination? Do you think I should go on vacation -- a different one, not Miami -- with someone [a man --Emily] I've just met, because that's also happening? Go on, tell me these things!Follow Julie to Miami on Twitter @JR_Schott.