WANT IT WEDNESDAY: Shampoo & Body Wash For Emily, Her Baby (And Eric)

Emily's new baby gives us major beauty envy!
Publish date:
April 11, 2012
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Hand and feet shots are allowed

If a baby is insanely cute and you can't share pictures, does the baby really exist? In the case of Emily's little boss, as I like to call him, yes, but it's very frustrating. So much secret cuteness.

Nonetheless, when I found out Emily was getting a seven month old, I went crazy calling in baby beauty products for him to try. Today while Emily was out of the office, something super luxe arrived for the young one, Jurlique Baby's Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash.

"I want it!" demanded Eric when he saw the sleek Jurlique bottle.

"Have a baby then," I suggested. "No, I want it! Emily's baby has enough beauty products," he reasoned. You can’t really blame Eric for coveting a baby's body wash when it’s one this awesome. The lid pops open with the click of a button, a design change made with parents in mind, but also a really rewarding way to open body wash for adults. Seriously, I flicked this thing open 12times when I first noticed the special cap. It's made with chamomile, honey and lavender essential oil, which are all really soothing and gentle, but not in a granola way -- Eric likes his beauty products sexy and expensive. When Emily came back to the office, she spotted the new arrival on her desk. "I'll take that if your baby doesn't need it," said Eric."Uh, or you could use products for grownups," Emily said, without missing a beat.

Then Eric said something about how Nicole Kidman uses it too. I couldn't hear, but I'm pretty sure Emily's baby won the battle for the Jurlique wash.

I have to admit, I have my eye on some of Emily's new mom and baby beauty products too, like this L'Occitane Mom & Baby Cream. Tiny animals? Luxe French lotion? If being an adult means I'm not qualified to use this, then consider me a newborn.

Are we crazy or do you use beauty products for babies too? Has your baby ever put you on to something that you wouldn't otherwise use? Tell me so I can get it for Emily and her small person!

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