WANT IT WEDNESDAY: Massive Hair Without Sticking Anything to Your Head

I tried a new thickening shampoo and it actually works (based purely on a recent increase in hair compliments).
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April 4, 2012
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"I have


much hair!" lamented a young celebrity on set a few years ago. I was there to interview her.

"She has like, double a normal person's hair," her hair stylist added, struggling to finish curling a mass of dirty blonde waves.

Beautiful people problems, I thought. My fine hair takes ten minutes at the most to style, and that includes blow drying and curling. Usually, I don't even have to split my hair into sections to get the job done.

I asked the celebrity in question how she kept her hair so thick. Was she wearing extensions? She and her publicists exchanged knowing glances.

"Can we not talk about extensions?" said her publicist. And there was my answer.

Like most women on camera, the celebrity had fake hair woven in somewhere. Rightfully so! Fake hair is fabulous and effective. It's the quickest way to increase your hair mass. Duh. But it's also expensive, high maintenance and potentially damaging to your natural hair.

With that said, the DIY stuff is pretty safe. Emily and Cat love clip-in extensions. They slink around the office looking camera ready almost every day. And I have friends who wouldn't dream of going out sans extensions. When it comes to beauty, I'm all for faking it. Unfortunately, though, hair extensions just don't work for me.

Trust, I need all the help I can get when it comes to hair volume. Extensions however, make me anxious. Emily's fiance obviously knows about her "hair cabinet" because they've been together for ten years, but I'm not about to remove fake hair in front of someone I'm just seeing casually (because that's what I do). Too intimate!

Instead, I've turned to a more permanent solution -- thickening hair care. A few months ago, it seemed like every brand was putting out products that claimed to remedy thinning hair, and I tried a few before committing to

this strengthening system by Redken

that I told you about before.

I measure a beauty product's effectiveness in compliments. So if I try a new mascara and no one tells me I have beautiful eyelashes then the stuff doesn't work. Am I wrong?

In the three months since starting Intra Force, my lank, unremarkable hair has sort of transformed, seriously. It's


now and people notice. There might be other factors at play --hormonal changes, weight gain -- who knows. I'd like to think it's all in the hair care and I'm sticking to it.

before and after

Now, what's your deal with hair? Do you wear hair extensions? If so, how long do you wait before taking out your weave in front of a new sex friend? Have you tried anything for hair thickening? I hate taking supplements, but some people swear by them. What about female Rogaine? Dr. Chapas told me it works, but once you start you're on it for life. Let's talk!

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