Big, Bold Brows; Do You DYE?!

Plus, the sexy new beauty secret that's no longer just for men. Well, it sort of still is. Just read on!
Publish date:
March 28, 2012
eyebrows, eyebrow tinting

[Julie, it is a testament to how much I love you that I let you use a pun in a headline AGAIN. Don't you know how those pain me? xo --Jane]What I love most about the team of beauty experts that I've inherited from Cat is that they sort of eliminate the need for a therapist. Maral at The Plaza, for example, takes care of our brows (and Cat's lashes sometimes), but she also offers really motivational advice. As a graduate of Landmark Education "innovative programs for extraordinary living," she's full of "You're in your prime!" and "I'm really taking time to work on me right now,"-isms. I'm not into self-help, but I love talking to people who are. Everytime I visit Maral, I leave looking 1,000 times more attractive because upgrading your eyebrows is the quickest way to look prettier. What Maral does that most brow experts don't is tinting, which makes them appear instantly thicker. Then she goes to work with tweezers for up to 45 minutes creating really custom results. Brows aren't a one size fits all kind of thing -- what works for me is completely different from what looks good on Danielle Corona, who was in Maral's chair when I arrived.One thing everyone can benefit from however is a little tinting -- as I said. And you don't need to visit someone swank at the Plaza to get the look. Of all the lady products on the market, Maral recommends dyeing brows using Just For Men Mustache and Beard instead.

Resist the urge to choose your shade based on the sexiest Just For Men model, and go for one that matches your natural brows or one level darker. Unless of course you're channeling Lara Stone. Whatever, that's your prerogative.When brushing on your color, just make sure to stay within the line of your brows or you'll dye invisible peach fuzz and end up with a 5 o'clock shadow on your forehead. Blegh!I'm totally trying this later in the week when my eyebrows start to fade. Do you have any manly beauty secrets that you'd like to share? I know this is the oldest beauty topic in the book, but that's because male grooming products are awesome! Which ones do you love? What do you steal from your boyfriend, or manpanion? Tell MOI!Follow Julie on Twitter @JR_Schott.