WAIT. We Have To Discuss Sephora's New FORMULA X Nail Polish

This polish is just as dangerous as texting and driving because you’re going to be so transfixed on your nails that you won’t be able to pay attention to anything else.
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November 14, 2013
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A couple of months ago, I popped into Sephora to lurk around. You know, to see if anything really caught my eye, make sure I hadn’t missed a release of a really cool product that I should already be obsessing over, the usual. Everything was as it should be, until I saw that all of their nail polish at the nail bar was gone, replaced with a giant sign that announced that something new was coming this fall.

I was like, “Oh.”

You see, (MOMENT OF HONESTY ALERT) I had never been a huge fan of Sephora’s brand of nail polish. It was great to have so many colors right there in one place, but the polish itself made me…how do I say this? Fucking crazy.

There were things throughout the line that I didn’t like, but that’s not what I’m writing about today because that line is long gone, replaced by something that you HAVE to check out.

Have you guys tried out Sephora’s new Formula X? You need to.

I walked in earlier this month and saw the new nail bar showcasing A TON OF NEW COLORS. I approached with caution, as I have oft experienced fevered hallucinations when surrounded by so many beauty products. I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen a mirage or two when in the store, and I refuse to believe I'm the only one.

But standing there in front of me was Sephora’s shiny new Formula X display, atop of which sat 188 different nail polishes. I think it’s 188, at least. That was the result of me bouncing around their website and doing some quick math (“math”).

We need to discuss them.

Half of the collection is made up of your typical polishes, both crème and iridescent shades. There are “The New Classics” which are your favorite brights, bolds, and darks that you love and need, and “The New Neutrals” which consist of gorgeous nudes for every skin tone and work their way into a handful of muted colors and pastels. They even have a couple shades of my favorite, weird color family of nude-grey-lavender a la Essie’s “Chinchilly” or Deborah Lippmann’s “Modern Love.” Ugh, perfection. I want to die.

And then, there are "The Effects." And EFFECTS they are. Twelve categories including *inhales* The Celestials, The Shifters, The Lusters, The Chromes, The Electrics, The Transformers, The Brilliants, The Sparklers, The Superwatts, The Holograms, The Translucents, and The Xplosives. GAH.

Are you still with me?

After being pretty unenthused with the previous line of polishes, I am happy to say that I am elated with Formula X.

Here are some great things about the line as a whole. First, coverage is great. Whether you’re messing with a crème, an iridescent, or even a glitter. I tried out six of the polishes, and they all did the trick in two coats, if not one, with the exception the “Xplosive” top coat which isn’t meant for full coverage, but we’ll get to that later. Two thin coats and you’re in business, babe.

Second, the dry time. Or, the fact that they actually dry! Sorry, I’m really not trying to be an asshole -- for once. It’s just that that’s what frustrated me about the old line, great colors with bad coverage that stayed permanently tacky. No thanks. But my, my, my, how things have changed.

With Formula X, as soon as I was done painting my second hand, my first hand was dry. And I’m talking DRY, not just ready for a second coat. But bone dry. YES! I was so relieved.

They look beautiful and wear as well as any other polish I’ve tried. I am TOO DOWN. Wanna see the ones I tried out?

I started off with “Blazing,” an iridescent red-burgundy from the New Classics Collection.

As a guy that, as a general rule, wears neither iridescents or reds of any sort, this color was…actually really gorgeous. Not one I’d have picked out myself, but yo, I got it free so I am not complaining. A burgundy with a lot of depth that reflects a more intense red when the light hits it, it’s beautiful, and would be great for the holidays. Or whatever.

Next we have “Juju” which comes to us from The Holograms.

A creamy, metallic light blue.

Next, crèmes! MY FAVORITE.

The nail polish gods were watching over me once again because while I’m not always into pink (lies), my favorite pink is a very specific, bright, Barbie’s Dream Car pink, and that’s exactly what I got with “Frenetic.”

A creamy, opaque, flamingo/grapefruit pink that I lose my damn mind over.

Next, “Desire,” a deep, rich, indigo that I was drawn to when I initially viewed the collection.

Beautiful, no?

Next up, from “Brilliants” collection, we have “Freaky Like Freud” (um.)

The Brilliants are easily the most insane of all of Formula X. They're everything I love about a typical holographic glitter polish, taken from zero to sixty, and then glitter bombed. When the light hits it, instead of a glitter halo, your entire nail reflects every color of the rainbow.

My camera doesn’t really do the polish justice (I’m working on getting a better one, because those girls over on Vain are showing me UP. I just have a lot of like, sunglasses to buy) but trust that this polish is just as dangerous as texting and driving because you’re going to be so transfixed on your nails that you won’t be able to pay attention to anything else. Not that I would know...

And finally, Bionic, from the “Xplosives.”

A topcoat made with flat black and lime green glitters of all shapes and sizes. It’s an incredibly fun way to finish off any manicure.

I put on over white to really showcase the topcoat, and also because I am basic. But think of all the possibilities.

Wait. Just kidding, I threw it over everything.

It's probably actually bad news that I love these polishes so much, because it looks like I've got 182 more colors to buy. AH WELL.

Have you tried Formula X? If so, which ones? What's on your nails right now? What nail trends are you into? Trends make me want to die but go ahead and tell me anyway.

Tynan is tweeting with wet nails on Twitter @TynanBuck