I Had My Way With a Brow Virgin

Olivia had her eyebrows done for the very first time and she's NOT MAD!
Publish date:
July 11, 2012
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Smile Olivia, you have beautiful brows!

While my entire exterior has been refined and reworked countless times since the age of 18 when I joined the beauty industry, our Olivia has the sort of natural, untouched parts that I would kill to get my hands on. Like a sneaky stage mom, I have slowly introduced everything from foundation primer to bikini waxing into her life. Yesterday Olivia even wore mascara, which she told me she hated when I first met her.

In return, natural Olivia has taught me what it means to find sexiness in the unusual. She is an artist and a photographer. She sees herself and others through a different lens. You get the idea -- opposites attract. This is a brow story, not a love letter!

Yesterday, the two of us traveled up to midtown Manhattan to visit Hibba's eponymous hair removal salon. Olivia was skeptical of the idea at first; concerned she would leave with thin, contrived eyebrows, full of intent and effort. That's not her style. Hibba understood.

That's right; eyebrow shaping doesn't have to be dramatic. Removing just a few stray hairs can change your whole face. My dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas has warned me about the hygiene risks associated with threading as the thread itself is held in the technician's mouth. Apparently this can transfer warts. Olivia and weren't concerned about this with ultra-hygenic, knowledgeable Hibba.

Olivia's new brows work like well-placed Botox. It's impossible to pinpoint a change, she simply looks like a bright, well-rested version of her natural self.

"I like it," she told me after we left. "They look good." This means a lot coming from no-bullshit Olivia who doesn't exaggerate or gush.

What do you think of her new look? Can you tell the difference?

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