I Like This Stuff And So Should You: Hannah's Round-Up Of Current Beauty Favorites

A few of my current favorite products -- IN VIDEO FORM!

OK, I made you guys a video. A horribly mumbly, 3:00 a.m. (the radio station I have been listening to has already played Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" twice so, I mean...) video at my parents' house, but nevertheless, a video. If you think the video is absolute crap then there are still text links here for you to click; so you know, don't complain. I'm servicing everyone's needs the best I can!

And now for the products I featured in this wonderful masterpiece (the Oscar nominations are imminent):

1. Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara($28.50, sephora.com)

My favorite mascara, hands down. Doesn't clump, has a brush I love and makes my lashes look long, long, long. I remember a girl at the Dior counter applying this to me once and freaking out over the results, which says something since my lashes on their own aren't really anything to phone home about. P.S. Wouldn't that be weird if I phoned home about eyelashes?

2. Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15($27, clinique.com)

My ideal foundation for days when my skin is less than ideal. It covers redness and evens out my skin tone without looking like a cakey mask. I apply this with a damp brush for dewy results.

3. NARS Nail Polish in 15 Minutes($18, sephora.com)

From the limited edition Andy Warhol collection, this bright yellow is cheerful, which is what I need since gross weather and S.A.D. are coming on fast.

4. Binaca Aeroblast Breath Spray in Cinnamint

OK, so I can't find the cinnamon flavor anywhere online, but here are all of Binaca's other products. Gross breath is gross. This helps it not be gross.

5. Kate Walsh Billionaire Boyfriend Pulse Point Oil Roll-On($22, hsn.com)

With notes of black jasmine, bergamot, amber and sandalwood, this is right up my heady, expensive French hooker (I mean this in the best possible way!) alley.

OK, well I need to get to sleep because I have a long day of crafts ahead of me tomorrow. Yeah. That's right. Crafts.

xoxo, Gossip Gurl: @hannahejo