My Make-Up Heavy Halloween Costume PLUS: The Beauty Product That Kept It Going All Night Long

I wore a TON of make-up on Halloween and yet it was still fresh by 6 am. Wanna know why?

I really kept flip-flopping with my costume this year. I had so many ideas that ranged from the overtly sexy (Playboy bunny) to the cute (Peter Rabbit) and then all the way to the androgynous and somewhat violent (Ryan Gosling in "Drive"). Finally, I settled on being a swan, an idea I'd originally picked out last year before "Black Swan" was even in pop culture's headlights. I figured I'd do it up in a more artistic way, less ballet and just more like a big ol' bird.

Still, people thought I was supposed to be the White Swan, so I went with it (and the bajillion girls dressed as Black Swan), and posed for tons of alter ego photos. In the end, it was a look that proved pretty cool and I would say I'm glad I settled on that costume.

To get the look, I had to use loads of make-up. A heavy dose of lid primer followed by Dior and Urban Decay shadows, Almay liquid liner, dollar store glitter, Fresh shimmer cream, and loads of mascara gave me those creepy swan eyes.

To get my "beak," I used a blend of Make Up For Ever's orangey lip pencil in 17c ($18, (Which by the way, makes the perfect smudge-proof bright orange lipstick, just fill in your lips and apply a bit of balm on top. Boom!) and Lime Crime's brightly coloured creamsicle hued lipstick in Cosmopop($16, So bright, so fun!

But look, Halloween is nearly over and how I did my make-up really isn't the point! The point is that I danced and ran around and sweated it up and my make-up was still THE EXACT SAME at 3 am. And then when I went to take it all off with my lovely sensitive-skin Lumene wipes (one of them miraculously took all this stuff off), it was still fresh then. No weird globby stuff around the jawline. It was like I'd just applied it, really.

So how'd that happen? Make-up setting spray. To be specific, Urban Decay's All Nighter Long Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray. You can pick up a travel size to test out from those little checkout cubes at Sephora for $11, or order it from Urban Decay's website if you're in the US.

This stuff is a fine little mist that you shake up and then spray all over your face a few times prior to make-up application and it creates this magical barrier that keeps you from getting a gross sweat face. It's basically a miracle product that will come in handy not just on Halloween, but all through the year whether you've got long work days to get through or nights on the town that you need to look fabulous for.

So, what did you guys dress up as this weekend? Show me pictures! And tell me what products you keep in your bag to stay fresh and gorgeous as the night starts to drag on. Rollerball perfume, anyone?