Announcing The "I Heart Unicorns" Perfume Giveaway Finalists!

You guys sure do take pretty pictures in the name of free perfume. Vote for who you think the winner should be.
Publish date:
June 14, 2011
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Last week I told you all about my love for "I Heart Unicorns" perfume, and I had three bottles to give away to readers who sent me a photo of their perfume collection. Here are the finalists. Based on these gorgeous photos, I'm glad to see our readers have such excellent taste!

Vote in the comments for who you think should win the bottle of perfume, and that lucky lady -- along with the readers in second and third places -- will get the perfume delivered to her doorstep.


"This is a photo of my perfume collection. Over the years I have lusted over fragrances, and started a collection of scents ranging from the soft ultra-feminine Versace bright crystal, to the warm richness of DKNY red delicious. My perfumes are almost like different facets of my personality. Gucci envy me is the sex kitten on the prowl. Vera wang princess is the girlie girl on her way to coffee and cupcakes with her best friends. Chanel chance is absolute definition of a lady, in heels and a pencil skirt with pearls on. While I switch from signature scents from time to time, my old standbys are L by gwen stefani (the lily of the valley reminds me of my mother), and clinique happy (my best friend wore it in high school, and i fell in love with it from the first time i smelled it)."



"I am a mother of 2 and rarely buy perfume for myself. So, this is a pic of very old perfume from my antique book collection. Fall of 1900, very classy."



"Hi to everyone at xojane! Here is my perfume collection, I hope you like it <3"



"My collection is so small! I need more -- but I'm picky (and kinda cheap). As you can see, I LOVE solid scent perfumes! Putting them on is so fun and old-timey feeling. Thanks dudes!"



"As you can see from the picture, I love scent. I started small, with the body sprays, which everyone knows are the gateway drug. Then upped it to hanging out in the Sephora perfume aisle and not leaving till I smelled like I rolled my way through a cheap brothel. So yeah, I claim responsibility for this picture. I did it. Right in front of the little Samples, too. And if I don't win this contest, the Patchouli gets it next."


"I love your column on! That perfume sounds amazing, seriously. A picture of me with my perfume collection is attached. obviously, i'm a junkie...false! It's just that one sad little tube from sephora! I NEED HELP! So please, help me jump start a true collection with this bottle...."





"My collection includes a little pink bag (in the back) full of those tiny perfume samples that I've collected over the years."



"As you can see, I'm partial to body sprays...mostly because they're cheap I guess. And this doesn't even include my husband's cologne that I sometimes steal sprays of in the morning."





"My collection:1. Escada Taj Sunset (when you want to smell like fruit salad--or strippers)2. Prada Iris (really light and feminine but not as good as #9)3. Chanel No. 19 (classic fresh, chypre scent; feels grown-up and not tooheavy for the office)4. D&G No. 18 "La Lune" (smells like potting soil and incense; not flowerylike it's description on Sephora)5. Vivienne Westwood Libertine (Discontinued! My most coveted perfume!Reminds me of the smell of tissue boxes and my first HS boyfriend who woreHalston Z14)6. Agent Provocateur "Maitresse" (Heavy and whore-y. It's mandatory whendonning stockings and garter belt.)7. Houbigant Quelques Fleurs (The heaviest floral I've ever worn.)8. Miss Dior Cherie (Another candy whore scent but sparkly and seltzer-y)9. Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile (Holy moly, this is the pure derivative of anIris. Probably my fave but very pricey.)10. YSL Parisienne (another floral but with amber and spice--pretty muchworn daily)"



"OK. I think I should win one of these awesome bottles of perfume not only because I've read almost every article since its launch, but also because unlike all the other contestants who enter, I truly love you girls...and I deserve to win. I know that "technically" one of those bottles in my pic is room spray, but doesn't that just demonstrate my willingness to please and my love for all things smelly-beautiful???? Okay fine, its cheating...but I really want it... *pouts*."


"Mine is but a simple perfume collection consisting of the following items:- Vanilla Perfume from Anthropologie -- Almost out, must get more.- Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Lotion -- If I apply this lotion (usually 50-50 with the regular creme de corps), I skip perfume; it has a powerful, lasting scent of its own.- Dove Fragrance Free Deodorant -- Not to be totally gross, but this is my anti-perfume (the natural, b.o. kind if you catch my drift; hopefully not, ha!) so-to-speak. Also, it's light, baking powder-esque, non-scent doesn't clash with whatever perfume I choose to wear.On a somewhat related note, around the age of four I was convinced that my dad smelled like a buffalo after he applied his cologne. He wore Polo by Ralph Lauren in the green container with the gold polo player on it and I mistook said image for a buffalo. Slightly ridiculous, but 100% true. I suppose if he smells like a buffalo, it's only fitting that his daughter smell of a unicorn; hoofed creatures must stick together, you know."



"This is what I smell like -- clearly I need some Unicorn Juice!"



"I am cheating a bit here, I can admit it. And I understand if that disqualifies me. But when I read about your contest, I remembered that when I went home to my parents' house a few months ago, I snapped these photos of some amazingly nostalgic-y items that I found in my childhood bedroom. And then left them there for posterity and safe-keeping. SO. Here are my THREE pics.

1. Colors by Benetton (a signature fall/winter scent of my youth) -- please note the totally awesome Memorex mix tape in the background.

2. Sunscape by Bath & Body Works -- note the original bottle. I used to LOVE this scent and also Juniper by them. Such summer scents.

3. A random collection of pins/buttons that was the next photo in the sequence, and I couldn't resist including it. Let's call it atmosphere.You should know I also still possess the following fragrances, that I don't wear but can't bear to toss: Love's Baby Soft, Electric Youth, Sunflowers, and men's Liz Claiborne cologne. I am imagining/hoping the Unicorn perfume is reminiscent of Electric Youth. That was the best one."



"Yes, that statue is always in my bathroom, lol."



"I have no picture to send you, because right now I'm broke and can't afford perfume :( I'm hoping this sad, sob story will snag me a bottle of what sounds like the yummiest perfume ever! Pretty please? Take pity on the broke admin assistant who desperately needs something pretty and fun in her life that is reminiscent of unicorns! "



"Rose, rose or rose? Even Shakespeare didn't prepare himself for a girl with three perfumes that all end up smelling like roses. I wanna smell like a UNICORN and I made a weird, not flattering face to prove it! Please! Break the rules. Consider me arriving fashionably late to a party!"