Under-Eye Solutions For Occasional Breakdowns And Poor Sleeping Habits

Obviously rather than address the root causes of my desire to stay up all night watching Netflix, I have been researching beauty remedies that allow me to maintain my workaholism (read: adulation of Olivia Benson) whilst simultaneously making it into the office not looking like I’ve died.
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January 18, 2013
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I’m back to work. It’s making me really sleepy. We just moved into a new office just down the road from me, which is great but it means that I am finding it significantly harder to justify Skype meetings from my bed-office and I need to get dressed to go to work. This means no mid-afternoon naps and no lie-ins, however late I stayed up working (read: watching SVU reruns).

I totally screwed up what was the most beautiful and functional sleep pattern I have ever had over the past few months, so I’m exhausted. And that means I have bags under my eyes the size of those SS/13 Chanel hulahoops.

Obviously rather than address the root causes of my desire to stay up all night watching Netflix, I have been researching beauty remedies that allow me to maintain my workaholism (read: adulation of Olivia Benson) whilst simultaneously making it into the office not looking like I’ve died.

The first recommendation on my list is Korres’ Wild Rose Eye Cream (£19, feelunique.com), which has done something magical to my bags/suitcases. It is free from parabens, silicone and pretty much all other nasties and smells delish. I love rose-scented things more than anything else (apart from, possibly, lavender).

This is genuinely the best product I have ever found for brightening my undereyes, and you only need a tiny bit. You need to be careful not to get it in your eye because that hurts a bit. I’m not even going to bother talking about other creams for circles because this one is my favourite.

However much I look after my undereyes though, they still need a bit of concealer – I think part of the problem is just genetic and isn’t going to go away however much laminin I start producing.

I’m really into Perricone MD’s No Concealer Concealer which is remarkably good at not wrinkling (you know when it goes all wrinkly under your eyes?) in spite of the fact it offers pretty sturdy coverage.

I don’t know why it’s called ‘No Concealer’, because it is a concealer, but whatever, I guess it’s hard to think up inventive names for stuff that essentially does the same stuff as everything else. Most importantly, it’s SPF35 and I cannot stress how important it is to use SPF at all times around your eyes because that skin is papery thin and delicate and you need it even in winter.

In other related news, because it’s really cold, my eyes have gone a bit eczma-y, which can make applying concealer an arduous task. This article is making me sound so gross right now. In order to allow my concealer to stay on my skin rather than flaking off, I’ve been alternating between two eye creams.

I always use an anti-ageing one because prevention is better than cure – I’m into Aromatherapy Associates’ Rich-Repair Eye Cream (£41.50) at the moment for the evenings because it smells like rose, strawberry and shea butter and is intensely moistrising, and I put it on before the Korres for double rose effect.

However, I’m fickle and I also really like Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream. I use this one in the morning because it absorbs really quickly and is incredibly light so goes on well under my primer or concealer because, let’s be honest, I don’t leave myself enough time in the morning to let my moisturiser actually sink in for longer than ten seconds.

Finally, I’ve been using Thalgo’s Hyaluronic Eye Patch masks. I really like Thalgo because all of their products are so gentle, and these are gentle enough to be left on overnight. You can just stick them on for 10 minutes if you are a bit pushed for time though, or the idea of sleeping with stuff stuck to your face creeps you out.

They are these little strips you put under your eyes and they stay put remarkably well whilst promoting collagen production (why am I so obsessed with collagen production?) and increase laminin, which firms the skin around your eyes and decreases puffiness.

I am a really restless sleeper and they have stayed put 9/10 times which is a fairly decent record considering I can’t even keep my hair in a ponytail whilst I have nightmares about being late for work and SVU being taken off air.

I only cry once every so often, but when I do, I sob. Like, I cried for three hours the other day after falling out with my new nurse at the doctor’s (because she was fucking incompetent, FYI) and quite literally lay on the floor in the pharmacy’s private room (where a very kind man hid me away with supplies of tissues), wailing.

I don’t think it was her fault, it’s just that when I start crying, I find it really hard to stop, it’s like all the pent up emotions that I subconsciously repress overflow and can’t be stopped until I am good and ready.

These masks work really well for after days like that. I am stockpiling them in case I have another breakdown. So, I’m kind of sorted until I get my life together enough to sleep for more than four hours a night or stop losing my shit at the GP surgery. I mean, maybe one day I’ll be so spiritual that I sleep for 8 hours every night without fail (never 4, never 12, both which seem to make me look equally shitty) and I will cry every time I feel sad rather than once every so often when I just get disproportionately overwhelmed by life. But I’m not right now, so I want this stuff to get me through and it’s doing me proud.

What do you use under your eyes? What do you do after you’ve had a big cry? Are your eyes scaly, too? You know I care more about what you guys think than anyone else, so holla.

Olivia is occasionally sobbing on Twitter @oliviasinger.