We Got Purple Hair Like Nicole Richie's (Without Setting Foot In A Salon)

You knew we were going to try this, right? Because OF COURSE.

When Baze shot me an email asking if I’d be interested in recreating Nicole Richie’s new lavender hair at home, I immediately agreed. Actually, I barely read the email, I just saw the name “Nicole Richie” and replied “YES.” I’ve talked about my love for the designer, entrepreneur, reality TV sensation and fashion icon before, and I will continue to do so at every possible opportunity.

And let’s be real, I’m not the only one around here that knows about pastel hair. There's no way I could write this post without my girl crush and pastel icon, Alyssa.

Lavender is my current favorite shade of hair, and on the day I got the email, I had just taken my hair from lavender to a pastel, denim-y blue, so I knew a damn thing or two about the subject. Here’s what I was working with last month.

And here’s what I look like right now:

Having brightly colored hair is one of my favorite things. I love changing mine up every time I see my saint of a hairstylist and see what new shade we can come up with. However, if you’re an actual person as opposed to a full-fledged idiot like me, you may not be able to have mermaid hair because of your office job, or your self-respect. If that’s the case, fear not, because there are a ton of options for getting purple hair that you can wash out at the end of the night.

To help me take this look for a spin, the people at Eufora sent over their Creative Streak temporary spray haircolor ($18, check Eufora.com for salon locations).

It’s a pretty straightforward product, but what sets Eufora apart is that it's very pigmented -- it delivers bright, vibrant color instead of the dull and patchy effect you get from other spray-in haircolors. I wanted to play around with it a bit before committing to full coverage, so I decided to use Creative Streak in True Blue first to accent my current shade.

I’m a firm believer that the ombre trend is already six feet under, but I momentarily resurrected it for the sake of this article. I hit my roots with the blue spray, then faded it up about halfway up the strand, until it looked like it was fading to my natural, well, not "natural", but my current blue.


I like the texture and dimension it adds. I might do this again, actually.

Then I REALLY went for it.

But we are gathered here today to talk about purple. Euphora Creative Streak in Passionately Purple is less of a lavender and more of an ultra-violet. I love this color and wouldn’t object to it being permanent, If I weren't so into pastels right now.

Sick, right?

I did full coverage, but Euphora is great for coloring just pieces and streaks, and the spray nozzle is pretty precise. It washes out easily, too! I was worried about trying these sprays because that would mean having to wash my hair more often than normal and potentially fading my color. I just went blue, and I want to preserve my pastel for as long as possible, but even when washing it with cold water and conditioner, the spray-in color rinsed out with very little effort.

My one tip is that if you’re doing more color than just a few pieces, make sure you style your hair first, and then spray the color in. Color Streak holds like a hairspray, so you’re not only committing to the color, but the style as well.

Now over to my pastel pal, Alyssa, who tested Kevin Murphy Color Bug ($25).

Tynan and I were both totally smitten when we saw Nicole Richie’s purple hairdo, and we were both eager to try out ways to channel her look without committing to a full head of permanent purple. I don’t know about Tynan, but I have big plans for my hair this spring and I didn’t want to make getting my hair back to a good white base a big problem.

I wasn’t expecting to love this product, but I really did! I decided to add small purple accent pieces around my face because doing my whole head would be super labour intensive, and I was sort of scared the chalk would stain my hair and I’d never be able to get back to blonde.

Colour Bug is super-easy to use, and it’s the perfect Nicole shade of purple. I rubbed it along bits of hair, then smudged it in with my fingers for a more natural look. The texture of the product itself was pretty chalky, but much easier to use than other hair chalk that I’ve tried in the past. The pigment deposited evenly and intensely -- it really stuck!

The end result was perfect purple pastel magic. I wore my purple accents out for the night on the town and it held up pretty well, but faded ever so slightly to a more pink shade by the end of the evening (which I’m clearly not complaining about!). The best part? The next morning, with a good shampoo scrub, the colour completely came of out my hair.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to add some purple to their hair, but doesn't want to commit to anything for more than one day. It’s a super-easy and cute way to change up your look!

So what do you think of our temporary hair colors? Would you try either of them yourself? What do you use when you want to try out different hair colors? Got some wild hair right now? Show us in the comments!

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