TUESDAY GIVEAWAY! Enough Dove Soap And Body Wash To Last You A Whole Year

Just think of all the moisturizing showers you can get outta this prize! Your skin will be SO excited.
Publish date:
March 25, 2014
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For the last week or so, the unmistakable smell of Dove soap has been lingering in the air around our beauty closet. That’s because the company sent over a crapload of products. TWICE! It’s not because they think we need to bathe more (although I did confess that I was a bit lax about showering during my freelancing days), but to remind us that dermatologists love the stuff because it’s very kind and gentle to the skin.

Derms also like to preach about the evils of hot showers, but I just cover up my ears and go “La la la la la la!” whenever they start dishing out that advice. I don’t care if it’s sucking all the moisture out of my skin, I LOVE me a long, hot shower, especially after a stressful and/or hectic day. It’s so relaxing. Who’s with me on that?

Anyway, I wasn’t surprised to hear that derms recommend Dove to their patients all the time because I’ve interviewed a lot of skin experts in my day and have heard them say as much. And I can personally verify the gentleness of Dove. I’m more of a shower gel aficionado, but my bar of choice is the classic white beauty bar. The smell, the shape -- it’s just so iconic.

When the Dove mailing arrived at the office, Rebecca called dibs on the body washes because apparently her husband is a big fan. And Olivia and I each snagged a few (OK, a bunch) of the soaps. However, we are not selfish people. That is not who we are and therefore we want to SHARE THE WEALTH and offer you, our beloved readers, a chance to luxuriate in Dove, too. Here’s what we’re giving away to one lucky reader (maybe you!):

8 Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bars

8 Dove White Beauty Bars

4 Dove Deep Moisture Body Washes

4 Dove Sensitive Skin Body Washes

That adds up to a value of 100 bucks and months and months of soft skin. To enter, just tell me in the comments what you use in the shower: body wash or bar soap? Do you love a good marathon shower to unwind like I do, or do you get in, do your business and get out? I can’t be the only bathroom hog out there.

I will pick the winner one week from today on Tuesday, April 1st. Check out the rules here, rub your lucky rabbit's foot and then ENTER!