Try This Now: Foam Hair Dye Is The FUTURE

The other benefit of the foam method is that, once you apply it to your head, it does not move. This means you can watch Game of Thrones on the big screen of your television instead of the tiny screen of your phone.
Publish date:
May 23, 2013
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My dedication to the perfect shade of black hair has lead me to try every dye on the market. After years of searching for the perfect fit, I've finally settled into blissful monogamy with Garnier Fructis Foam. I tried this version on a whim, as it's the first foam I've seen offered in Blue/Black. I was excited to try this unique method of dyeing and unlike some of my previous bouts of monogamy, I was thrilled with the result.

This dye delivers on all fronts and I would happily use it forever and ever until it gets discontinued along with everything else I've ever loved. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy our beautiful time together. The foam consistency facilitates great coverage as it really seeps into the hair. I recommend brushing it through with a fine toothed comb after application to reach every strand.

It's not super potent because it's really gentle as444 far as hair colors go, so it's best to leave it in a bit longer than the suggested 25 mins, I'd say give it about 40 for stubborn roots. Its worth waiting the extra time with a gentler dye since it leaves your hair in much better shape. This dye does give remarkably even coverage and would be great for a virgin application since it's not at all streaky.

The other benefit of the foam method is that, once you apply it to your head, it does not move. This means you are not a prisoner in your bathroom the entire time you're dyeing your hair so you can watch Game of Thrones on the big screen of your television instead of the tiny screen of your phone.

Your quality of life will be greatly improved with this enhanced mobility, it's one of those things that you didn't realize was so annoying until you don't have to put up with it anymore. Like some of your exes. You also have to apply the foam with your hands, not the bottle minimizing the mess and giving you more control of where the color goes.

One of the great things about this foam is if you do manage to get it on skin or bathroom fixtures, it washes off quite easily, at least the Garnier brand does. In attempts to remove dye from my skin I have tried nail polish remover, every dye remover known to man, peroxide, alcohol, dish soap, hand soap, bleach, and even personal lubricant. Don't judge, these were desperate times ok?

This dye comes off with plain old soap and water (just water, even, if you get to it right away). You don't have to stress and you can save the personal lubricant for its true purpose, butt sex.

I am really fond of the pigment. Since dying your hair black can be a risky endeavor as you can easily look like a 14 year old Hot Topic reject, I absolutely insist on color that's as multi-dimensional as possible. You get a really nice, rick black with the Garnier that's positively blue in the sun. Friends of mine who have tried the dye in other colors had similarly good luck avoiding that flat box dye look.

I have to say I'm also pleasantly surprised by the formula. It really does leave your hair in good condition after. It's much more manageable and less frizzy than usual. I've been in Florida for a few weeks and my hair is a shit show down here, but it's been much easier to reign in since using this dye.

The deep conditioner included is also helpful in controlling unruly hair. I hardly have to use any product at all the day after dyeing, which is awesome because I've just been using every product in my immediate vicinity on it to no avail lately. I spray something in it and it just gets absorbed while the hair keeps expanding like The Blob. I wish they would just bottle that conditioner and sell it so I could use it every day!

If you find yourself with an inexplicable urge to dye while more than a little intoxicated, this is the dye for you. The foam method is really simple and hard to fuck up. It's essentially like putting colored mousse in your hair and most of us can probably manage that even if we're this close to passed out, right? Not that I'm saying I've done that, like frequently, because I've recently convinced my mother to read my writing, I just....have a gut feeling about it. Yeah. A gut feeling.

Something about the foam color feels futuristic. This is the hair dye that I could see Leeloo in "The Fifth Element" using to maintain her fiery red. Perhaps it was not that color because she was created by scientists. It was the Garnier.

If you've been hesitant to commit to any one brand of color, give this foam the chance to change your mind. You will be blown away by the bold, beautiful color and the silky texture of your tresses. This foam does not disappoint, so at least give it an awkward first date.