Try False Eyelashes This Halloween, And Then Wear Them Every Day!

One of the things I love most about Halloween is that it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with all of the beauty looks that you’re too apprehensive to try during the year.
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October 25, 2013
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TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE HALLOWEEN, and all through my place,

It was time to smear makeup all over my face.

My falsies were glued to my lashes with care,

so I sprayed on my fragrance and then did my hair.

The gays were all dressed up and looking undead,

While visions of teen pop stars twerked in their heads.

While they in their tanktops, all looking quite festive,

We were ready to party, hoping we wouldn’t get arrested.

When out at the bars among camera phone flashes,

Everyone lost their shit over my lashes!

The haters all seethed, overcome with their envy,

Knowing that they and their lashes could never outdo ME.

Okay, so that was the most.

Halloween is like gay Christmas, so I thought a festive little poem would be the perfect way to begin this article. Plot twist: It wasn’t. [Note from Abby: I totally disagree. It was everything.]

One of the things I love most about Halloween is that it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with all of the beauty looks that you’re too apprehensive to try during the year. Glitter eyeliner? Pile it on! A dark lip? The darker the better! And one of my favorite accessories: FALSIES!

Do you wear false eyelashes? If so, how often? Do you apply them yourself or have someone else do it? If you don’t wear them, what’s stopping you?!

About a month ago, I opened the front door to my apartment and what did I find? A box full of fake eyelashes, of course! A day in the life. Ardell Fashion Lashes sent me a ton of their best lashes to play around with, and I couldn’t wait to try them out. From classic shapes to much more dramatic sets, I now have enough falsies for any and every occasion: family gatherings, weddings, funerals, etc.

Whether you’re new to false eyelashes or a total lash addict, Ardell lashes are great because their lashes are easy to work with and durable, all at drugstore prices! False lashes are fragile, but I really beat these things up while applying them and they held up perfectly and kept their shape without any lash loss.

When applying good falsies, you need good lash adhesive.

KIDDING. Probably don't use rubber cement...

I used white eyelash adhesive Duo and couldn’t have been happier.

The glue itself is thick enough to cling to the lash line of the false lashes without running, smearing, and getting all over your fingers. I liked the white adhesive because when applied to the lash, it looked blue and allowing me really see where I had applied the glue, making sure I hadn’t missed any spots, and that I didn’t use too much.

And, yo, this lash glue is no joke. Once these things are on, they’re not going anywhere.

Applying falsies isn’t as hard as it would seem. I successfully applied the fake lashes without blinding myself or poking an eye out, so you can too!

Here are my naked eyes:

First, line your eyes with your favorite black eyeliner. This will help camouflage the falsies into your real lashes. You’ll be connecting the false lashes directly on top of where you lined.

Second, apply a coat of mascara. This helps elongate and volumize your natural lashes (duh) and makes them a better surface for the fake lashes to sit on top of. I used way more mascara than I normally would, but it’s okay to overdo it since you’ll just be laying more lashes on top of them. My lashes look crazy below, but only because I wanted my false lashes to look even better. Besides, the set of fakes I used were pretty dramatic anyway, so it didn't really matter how much mascara I layered on my normal lashes.

To make the false lashes a little easier to work with, I cut just a tiny bit off of each one, around a millimeter.

This little edit made all the difference in terms of workability and ease of application. I’m not saying that everyone should do this or that you’ll even need to, but if you’re having trouble applying them, hack a little off and see if that helps. Maybe I just have small eyeballs. Probably not, though, since my head is enormous. Also, is it true that your eyeballs are the same size when you’re a baby as they are when you’re an adult? That’s so weird. I am now picturing the inside of a baby’s head -- which is terrifying. Also, I think I have baby fever. Every time my dude is like, “Let’s get a dog!” I’m like, “LET’S GET A BABY!” I am in heat.

Moving right along, apply glue to the lash line of the fake lashes. Duo adhesive his great because it brushes right on, like a teeny tube of lipgloss. Like I said, this stuff is heavy duty, so you don’t need to overdo it, but do make sure the entire line is covered. We don’t want a fake eyelash flying off mid Monster Mash, do we?

Then, boom! Just press them on! Okay, so maybe it’s not that easy, but you’ve made it this far, right? Here’s how I did it.

Using tweezers, (DON’T USE TWEEZERS, use this applicator) I just grabbed the falsies by the lashes, looked down, and sort of blindly guided them to my eyes. Looking down pretty much closes your eye, so you can’t really see what you’re doing, but it exposes the entirety of your lash line and makes it the easiest way to get your lashes on your real ones. It's also the reason why you shouldn't be applying them with a sharp, very pointed metal object...

Gently press against the lashes to lock them into place. Careful not to press too hard, because, you know, you’ve got an eye under there. Just give them a little tap. Last, apply another coat of mascara which sort of fuses all of those lashes to one another, and you’re good to go!

Do you love?!

I love. It's a fun way to enhance your look if you've got a couple extra minutes, and it's definitely noticeable without being totally over-the-top. My favorite Ardell falsies are the more subtle ones, but you better believe that I'm breaking out the BIG ones for me and all my friends this Halloween.

WHICH REMINDS ME. What are you being? Tell me in the comments! Are you wearing false eyelashes with your costume? You are now, right? Yes. Let's talk down below.

Tynan is prepping for Halloween on Twitter: @TynanBuck.