The $5 Fix For Anyone Who's Ever Had A Bad Hair Day

This is a must-have kit for anyone suffering from Style Disaster Days (apparently there's a lot of SDD going around).
Publish date:
May 5, 2014
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What’s better than a good PSA? Well, probably a few things, like piping-hot pizza and backrubs, but still, I like PSAs. They are good for getting kids into reading books and scaring enough crap out of me to never want to start smoking again.

Sexy Hair has recently launched a new mock PSA about a widespread hair “epidemic”: SDD, or Style Disaster Day –- which refers to hair problems such as dryness and lifelessness. They have “anonymous interviews” with many stripes of people suffering from SDD and admitting to how they “contracted it.” (One woman got her disastrous style in the 80s, which made me giggle.)

After seeing those cautionary messages about the causes and symptoms of SDD, you’re left with this so WTF do we do?? feeling. Well DON’T PANIC, because Sexy Hair also has a cure: the SDD Prevention Kit! Call it a condom for your bad hair day.

The kit boasts preventive treatment for two of the most common hair problems: dryness, frizz and limp, lifeless hair. Lucky for me (or, rather, unlucky), I am plagued by both of these issues. My long, color-treated hair is damn thirsty after a hot shower, and it's about as fun to brush through as a wailing toddler. Once I’m done blow-drying (which I also despise -- can we figure out how to eliminate THAT from life?), my hair usually hangs there: boring, fine and limp. Even if I take the time to do all the fancy style-stuff, it only looks good for all of two seconds, needing a mere gust of wind to take me back to square one.

It’s a true struggle. I am a victim of SDD.

Needless to say, I was intrigued by the prevention kit, and wanted to see if it could indeed cure the sorry state of my hair.

I started with Sexy Hair’s treatment for dryness and frizz. I began with wet, post-shower hair, which was particularly tangled considering I went to bed with a messy top-knot and had nightmares about saving my cats from my burning apartment (I have friends, I swear). The kit comes with an argan oil nourishing style treatment and a soy and cocoa leave-in conditioning spray. I ran the styling treatment through my ends (tip: don’t use too much, or you could end up oily) and sprayed the leave-in all over.

Mmm. Yes, please. Smells so good. Hair easy to brush. Soft, smooth, luxurious. I turn into cavewoman when I like stuffs. Two thumbs up!

However, the proof of this pudding for me was how the well the SDD treatment for limp, lifeless hair would work. It’s not too hard to get some moisture in my hair, but it’s not easy to get moisture AND volume at once. To get body, I usually have to do tons of teasing and over-drying and use a lot of hairspray. Could both aspects of my SDD be curable?

On my newly dry, soft, smooth hair, I used the volumizing/texturizing powder “Powder Play.” You sprinkle this stuff on your hair, concentrating on your roots, and rub it in while fluffing your hair up. With this product, it was love at first fluff. It left no residue and didn’t make my hair look dingy. I finished off the look with the SDD volumizing hairspray.

The results were a whole lot of YES. These volumizing products didn’t compromise the nourishment and moisture that I got initially, but they also left my hair full of life, volume, and texture. I had too much fun shaping and playing with hair that didn’t just fall flat after I stopped teasing it. I love the small bottles, too, because I can bring them with me in case I need a midday volume refresher. It is magical stuff.

This is a must have kit for anyone suffering from one or both elements of Style Disaster Days.

Do you fall victim to the SDD epidemic? What do you do to combat it? Are you totally buying this affordable Sexy Hair SDD prevention kit as we speak?