Tried and Tested: suncream for the wimpiest skin in the world

The first dispatch from our woman in Hanoi...
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August 13, 2012

I’m in Hanoi and it’s really bloody hot. I’m typically sweaty, swollen and generally look like every British person with slightly Celtic skin who’s ever ventured south of Calais. But something strange has happened – I’m not sunburnt, my face hasn’t come out in an unslightly rash, my eyes aren’t watering and my nose isn’t running. It’s a holiday miracle!

I’ve been inexplicably allergic to any products with SPF in them for about 10 years now. It came on out of nowhere and has only gotten worse over the years. First using allergy-friendly suntan lotion would help, then antihistamines did the job, and now a combination of all of the above keep my miserable hayfever-like symptoms at bay for three days max, before I become a grumpy, red-faced holiday Grinch.

The problem is, I like the sun, I like hot countries, and I definitely don’t like having sunburn. This year, I decided to utilise my incredible amounts of power and influence and… get Phoebe to find a solution for me.

The Korres suncare range,

Anyway, suffice to say the girl done good. She pointed me in the direction of Korres’ all-natural suncare range, which includes a Yoghurt SPF50 cream for my face (£19), SPF30 Yoghurt Sunscreen Emulsion for my body (£19), and a protective Red Vine spray for my hair (£10, all from I’m absolutely doused in the stuff (as well as level 4 Deet – mosquitos love me) and not a sniffle so far. Magic.

Rebecca's happy feet with Korres sun protection, on a boat or something fun like that (bitter)

What's your all-time favourite suncream and why?