IT'S TRAVEL TIME: Here's What I'm Bringing to LA, Plus: A Sexy Strip Deal for NYC Readers!

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March 20, 2012
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When it comes to air travel, I always get to my gate with a carry-on-approved bag (for short trips) in time for shopping and a pre-flight drink or something. I also have extra clothes for all the temperature changes between take-off and landing, my laptop, a stack of mags, sunglasses and anything else I can squeeze in my bag. Cat, on the other hand, catches a plane like she's hailing a cab, so together we average one normal traveler.

Anyway, we're going to Los Angeles, well Santa Monica actually, tomorrow for a shoot. Packing for a short trip means editing my beauty products down to just the essentials, but I'm not too worried since

we're staying at Shutters (the sexiest hotel in Santa Monica)

and their bathrooms are stocked with the best products.

There's a hierarchy to beauty packing: prescriptions come first, then makeup, and finally hair products because chances are I won't even wash my hair, or I'll waste money and have it done somewhere.

Okay, here's what's coming with me. I've told you about most of these products before, because they're the best. In no particular order, and not necessarily pictured:

Shiseido Urban Environment Protector, $30:

Going to LA with no sunscreen is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute -- you could die. Luckily this tiny bottle is perfectly packable.

Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes, $6:

I bring these in lieu of face wash and use them every step of the way, starting with the second I board the plane. In-flight breakouts are real!

Boscia Blotting Linens, $10:

You can tell how long these have lived in my makeup bag by their mangled exterior. They're great for mopping up any extra sunscreen shine (not that the Shiseido stuff leaves much of that).

Listerine Pocketpacks Breathe Strips, $4 for 3:

I pop one of these when I can't get to a sink and use

a wisp

. Each tiny squares packs an embarrassing level of breath freshening power. Seriously, I've had my mouth scent called out before after slipping in a strip.

Clinique Acne Clearing Concealer, $16:

This cover-up has a subtle green tint that counteracts redness and it's really firm so there isn't any annoying migration during the day. I also put it under my eyes when I need to downsize my beauty cargo.

Shiseido Oil-Free Bronzer, $35:

My favorite

makeup artist Suzy Gerstein

put me on to this bronzer when I asked her how to fake super-sharp, sculpted cheekbones. I don't leave the house, let alone the state, without my shade, Desert Rose.

Clindamycin and Retinol Cream:

I'm pimple free (knock on wood) thanks to this prescription duo plus an oral antibiotic. The key to making acne drugs work is consistency so

I keep these with me no matter what


Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For The Liner, $28:

There's nothing like liquid liner for faking a full night's sleep. This one has a pin-prick tip for extra precision, and promises to enhance lashes in the long run. SOLD.


I'm also going to

Strip Ministry of Waxing

for a Brazilian tonight -- a good idea before any vacation. Since I want you to have


smooth lady bits too, I'm offering all first time Strip visitors the $80 service for just $45 through April 30th. Sorry to be NYC-centric, guys.

To get your marked down Brazilian at Strip Ministry of Waxing, simply like xoJane on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @JR_Schott, then mention xoJane when you book your appointment. Easy, non?

Bye bye,