TRAVEL BEAUTY: Space-Age Skincare + Teeny-Tiny, Healthy Deodorant

I'm on vacation and want you to learn about a space-pod-esque skincare kit and the best natural deodorant I've ever used.
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April 27, 2012
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Hanging out in Joshua Tree this week. Covered in SPF.

Hey xoJaners. I'm currently on vacation in L.A. and trying to relax and enjoy myself but I've never been too great at "letting loose" and just "being free" when it comes to taking trips. I usually spend the whole vacation worrying about all the junk I have to do when I get back (and right now, that list is very long).

Plus, beauty problems are arising everywhere I look! For example, I wanted to have a nice faux-tan going on for this trip, but I had a wacko allergic reaction on my legs and now the only products going near my skin are cortisone cream and Bio-Oil. Argh!

However, I have made a few beauty discoveries on this trip, ones that haven't irritated my ridiculously sensitive skin or done anything bizarre to my body. First, there's the vbeauté It Kit ($165,

This gun-metal, alien-egg-looking kit was designed by hedge-funder/socialite/busy mom Julie Macklowe after having her products trashed by the TSA, and finding the replacement ones she purchased only broke her out. The key ingredient in all the products is the Alpine Rose, made to withstand crazy amounts of UV, heat, and cold damage. It's perfect for refreshing my skin after a long day of squinting behind sunglasses or having sun blown in my face.

I'm really enamoured with the Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme, and I'm hoping it's dealing with any damage my eyes may be incurring here (although I do slather on SPF dutifully throughout the day!) I also like that despite the fact these products are intended to be anti-aging, they're not greasy or thick, and don't break out my crazily sensitive skin.

Next up, there's the mini of LaVanila's "The Healthy Deodorant" ($10, I picked up the vanilla-lavender version of this mini tube not expecting much, seeing as most deodorants that claim to be good for you never, EVER work for me, especially not in the heat. But I figured "why not?" and plunked down my $10 at the Sephora check-out to see what it could do for me.

And surprisingly, this stuff works. I've happily found my new favourite deodorant and will be heading back to pick up the full-size. Finally, an aluminum-free deo for my B.O. that doesn't leave me smelling like ... a gross person? I don't know, I can be pretty smelly without deodorant. I'm sure there are people out there blessed with a lovely "au naturel" smell but I'm not one of them, so thank you, LaVanila!

So, now that I've shared my new travel favourites, I want to hear yours. Do you buy minis before a trip, grab samples from a favourite store (I hear Kiehl's are quite generous), or DIY it and funnel your full-size products into minis? Or maybe you just buy replacements for everything when you reach your destination, like a total diva. Let me know!