I’m A Professional Make-up Artist (And Former MAC Artist) And These Are My Top 5 Most Loved MAC Lipsticks

I spent years playing with all of the colors MAC has to offer and these are my all time favorites.
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September 14, 2015
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I worked for MAC for a couple years and in doing so, I got to spend A LOT of time narrowing down my favorite MAC lipsticks and combinations… and at the end of the day these are my most used lipsticks that I have personally used on myself and clients.

They range from super nude to peachy to pink and finally to red. Just a heads up -- before I wear any my lipsticks I ALWAYS use lip primer, ESPECIALLY with the mattes. It makes a huge difference. Trust me.

1.The ultimate nude: Fleshpot.

This is my all-time favorite nude. It was a tossup between this and Myth, but with Fleshpot you can always mix it with a nude-colored lip liner (like Boldly Bare) and make it a bit deeper/peachier which basically turns it into Myth. Fleshpot is just more of a neutral pinky nude. I usually use Boldy Bare lip liner with this color (and with most of my nude lipsticks and pinks).

You can also add Fleshpot to the center of your lips too on top of another lipstick color to make your lips look bigger or to lighten/neutralize the color more.

IT’S MULTIPURPOSE, GUYS. Multipurpose. I love it.

2. A peachy nude: Sweet & Sour

I’ve been using Sweet & Sour A LOT lately because it goes really well with the warm eye shadows I tend to use (what up Saddle by MAC, I love you) and it isn’t TOO nude because of the peachiness in it so it gives you a bit of color. It’s just a really good everyday nude.

3. A universal coral pink: Sunny Seoul

I used to use this color basically everyday with whatever I was wearing (I was going through a pink lip phase) because it just works with everything. And by that I mean any cool/warm/neutral eye shadows. It gives you a bit of color, but not too much. This is the most wearable color I use. It’s like a natural pink color with a bit of a pop to it so its not TOO bright but it’ll brighten your face up.

4. A vibrant pinky/coral/red: Relentlessly Red

This color is basically the matte version of Impassioned (another color I love) and every time I wear it I get asked what it is. EVERY. TIME. (I’m not kidding). I generally like to mix this with Dynamo lip liner (the closest match MAC has to it in a lip liner) or Cherry lip liner (my favorite red lip liner).

Cherry lip liner makes it more of a red but it still has that pop of pink in there to keep things interesting.

5. My favorite matte red: Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo generally looks like a blue red on most skin tones, on me it definitely does. And I love blue reds. Rihanna came out with her own version of this color called RiRi Woo and that was an even more blue red version of this.

I ALWAYS use cherry lip liner with Ruby Woo. As soon as RiRi Woo came out I compared it to Ruby Woo with Cherry lip liner and its basically the same color. So if you ever wanted to try RiRi Woo but couldn’t get your hands on one, just mix Ruby Woo with Cherry lipliner and voila! Best red lip combo ever.

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks and combos?