This New Too Faced Concealer Is the Next Best Thing to Going Barefaced

And by "next best thing to" I mean "better than."
Publish date:
July 18, 2016
concealer, makeup, Too Faced

I don't often write about concealer because it's not a product I usually wear. Unlike new foundation, lipstick, and mascara launches that I will stop at nothing to get my claws on for you, concealers just never get me going in the same way. Eyeshadow, too, now that I think about it. I figure since everyone on the internet loses their mind with the release of each new palette, I can probably keep my distance from them and still be just fine. I realize that I should get better about that, and I've been trying to. Maybe it's selfish or shortsighted, but I cover makeup the way I wear it.

I've been pushing myself to try new things all year, and I've been switching up my beauty routine a lot this summer. When a cute little package of the new Too Faced Born This Way concealers showed up at my door a week or two ago, I figured it was a good time to actually road test a concealer for once.

So of course I forgot about them for a week.

I was planning on showing you them when used with a full face of makeup to illustrate how they blend and play with other products, because they do so very well.

But I hopped out of the shower on Sunday and was getting ready to go to brunch and then shoot some new lip colors on a few of my friends. I knew I was going to be running around in 90-degree weather and maybe rain (and it did rain), so I didn't want to do foundation for fear of sweating it off or having it melt off in the rain.

"JUST SOME BLUSH AND A HIGHLIGHT" I thought to myself. But here's the problem I run into with that: When I highlight my bare face, I'm putting the highlight down on my cheekbones, making them the brightest part of my face. They coincidentally sit right next to my eye area, which, thanks to my dark circles, are the darkest part of my face. My highlight ends up accentuating my dark circles, bringing my cheekbones forward, and making my eyes seem like they're sunken back farther than they actually are, throwing my whole face out of whack.

Does that make any sense? Obviously you can wear whatever you want at all times; there are no rules in beauty. I think a highlight looks gorgeous on bare skin — this is just something I noticed about my own face.

So I ran and grabbed a tube of the new Too Faced Born This Way Concealer, thinking that if it didn't work, I could just start all over.

I don't know why, but I hated the name of the Born This Way foundation, and I still hate it now that it's a concealer. Pop music reference or not, I guess it would be worse if it was the "I Woke Up Like This" concealer, but here we are.

And here is my haggard face that I woke up with (these photos weren't taken on that exact day; I'm just re-creating what I did).

I know that I'm not at my most stunning in the photos above, but I needed a "before," and I wanted to touch on the fact that, even with the discoloration around my eyes, my skin is in a really good place right now and has been for a few weeks. Because of this, I don't always want to wear a full face of foundation.

I wanted to see if I could get away with just a bit of foundation to even out discoloration and redness while still letting my skin show. I dotted just a bit of the Born This Way concealer under my eyes, on the sides of my nose and down the bridge. My nose tends to get really red, and it's the first place that makeup wears off, so evening it out is always a good idea.

Then, I blended it in with my Beauty Blender.



I mean, fuck. Right?

And that's my review.

KIDDING. So, it is very creamy and very pigmented, so you're going to get a lot of wear out of this tube. In truth, I probably didn't even need two dots below my eye and a dot on the bridge of my nose; I could have gotten away with half that. I ended up blending a bit of excess up my nose and onto my forehead for a little highlighting action.

The concealer is packed with pigment but so thin I almost want to compare it to a serum, because it sits that closely to the skin and does the job with barely any product.

Anyway, after I had the concealer blended, I threw on a highlight, cream blush, a brow, and a sheer lip, and was out the door.

I kept a close eye on the concealer all day to monitor its wear. The finish looks just like skin — not glowy enough to show you're wearing a product, but just enough to mimic healthy skin. When I blended it out, the little bit that reached my cheeks, at its thinnest, still let my natural coloring show through, without looking like I was wearing a mask over the middle of my face.

There was no creasing, because even under my eyes at its thickest, there's barely enough product there to gather up and crease. When worn with a full face of makeup, it wears just as nicely.

This was after 14 hours of wear (I know this photo sucks — I'm moving in three weeks, and I'm going to try to figure out a better lighting situation for my iconic 3 a.m. bathroom selfies, don't you worry).

After 14 full hours, there was a little wear, especially on my nose where makeup doesn't stick, but my under eyes were still noticeably brighter than normal, and the foundation hadn't cracked or settled into my lines.

I'm really happy I decided to actually give this concealer a try, because it's definitely what I'm going to reach for on days when I want coverage without wearing foundation. Just a bit of concealer brightened and evened out my skin in all the right places and stayed there all day without any creasing, cracking, or fading. It's the next best thing to going barefaced, but who wants to be barefaced anyway?

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