Tips For Hot Summer Hair For The Beach And For Weddings

The professionals at Trevor Sorbie answered all my summer-hair-related questions
Publish date:
July 2, 2013
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I make minimal effort with my hair - as long as it's clean and as big as possible, I leave it alone - pulling it up into a ponytail if I've got stuff to do, leaving it hanging loose the rest of the time and trimming it every six (ahem) months or so. But I realise there's a whole world of 'styles' and 'colours' and 'cuts' out there and it might be fun to explore it a little.

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the launch of Trevor Sorbie's newly revamped haircare line and watched a couple of hairdos being created by their professional hair stylists. After I left, I suddenly thought of all sorts of things I wanted to know about how to keep hair looking pretty during the summertime, so I asked John Spanton (Technical Director) and Jason Lawrence (Senior Stylist) at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden to give me their take on what's hot, hair-wise for summer 2013.

1. Should I get a dip-dye, or have I totally missed the boat?"In general softer, more feminine hair is the big trend we are seeing. Dip-dye and ombre are two very different looks, and ombré especially isn’t going anywhere soon! The strong two-tone look of dip-dye is now being made softer, with a more blended graduation. Balyage is actually an old technique that’s re-emerging, and becoming an increasingly popular way of highlighting hair. This is due to the finished look being low maintenance, and creating a more natural effect."

2. What about rainbow hair (pink, green, blue etc.) - does anyone do that in 'real' life (outside of Dalston, I mean)?"While these can still be seen on hair imagery, and certain catwalk shows, it’s translating into softer, more wearable tones for everyday clients. An example of this would be a soft, delicate pink toned in with your highlights for subtle flashes of colour."

3. How do I stop my hair from frying to a crisp in the sun and then looking really stupid when I want to go out for dinner after a day on the beach?"To protect the hair, use a mask or leave-in conditioner such as the Trevor Sorbie Leave–In Conditioner (£5.29) and scrunch it into the hair. This will help it from becoming dehydrated and dry, while also limiting the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. If you are in direct sunshine for any length of time, then cover up the hair with a hat."

"Plaits are the perfect style for the beach, and with lots of different techniques to master, you can keep this look fresh throughout your holiday. Plaits are also great for going from beach to evening, as they will stay in place all day, and you can dress the plait for evenings by loosening it and pulling strands free. Low partings are on trend, but always put sun-cream on your parting to stop it burning."

4. I've got a wedding in August, what can I do with my boring, mid-length hair that won't require a trip to a salon?"For long and mid-length hair I’d recommend channeling the '60s, which is a strong look at the moment. For long hair, try a '60s-style ponytail, which is so simple to do, just create a loose beehive through the crown. For mid-length hair, try a low parting, with the hair kept loose but again building volume through the crown. Both these looks are great when teamed with a thick '60s-style headband or headscarf."

"For short hair, look at playing with the texture – create loose, tousled movement by using a mattifying product such as the Trevor Sorbie Salt Texture Spray (£5.59) or the Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo (£5.59) for a soft, feminine finish. Hair accessories are on trend at the moment, and can completely change a simple look, whilst being a nice alternative to a traditional hat or fascinator."

And my favourite product from the revamped range? Clearly it was always going to be the Volume Big Hair Powder (£6.29, You sprinkle the tiniest bit of this product in at the roots, schooze it (the only word I can think of to describe that ruffle-y, tousle-y motion with the fingers) and... it's astonishing. You're hair gets really, really big.

I like the fact that all these products have drugstore prices - ranging from £2.99 to £7.50 - but everything's used in the super-fancy salons on women who have exceedingly high expectations and only accept the best. It's quite reassuring really to know that the shampoo you've picked up in Boots on your lunch hour is also used on the coiffure of a grand lady in Hampstead.